ER visit 1 & 2

As long as My Mama stayed quiet; no activity & no talking, her breathing didn’t sound so squeaky, therefore driving her auto wasn’t an arduous task for her old gunked up lungs.

After our 3-hour drive to the hometown ER, Moms let me out for like 30 seconds to pee three drops & then back into a hot, cramped auto front seat. To tell the truth, I was itch’n to break away, shun Moms directive & be as one with all small energetic animals, weeds, shrubs, ditches; pretty much any place I could stick my nose & chase something. Mom sensed this, so I was outa the auto-only long enough to stretch a paw, barely.

My Mama proved once again her love & concern for me. Moms squeaked less after a breathing treatment; after 2 hours she left the ER against doctor’s advice . She felt it necessary to get me back to the farm & outa the auto. I guess the ER had many more 2-leggeds in dire straights than Mom. Mom was told to sit & cool her heels, which she would have gladly done as she was exhausted. Her concern for me outweighed her extended medical need, so she left a note on the bed before she split right outa there; an unsupervised, unscheduled escape! In Moms 2 hour stay, they did give her meds & told her she didn’t have any icky pneumonia, whew!

One of Moms young friends, Johnny, met us at the farm to pet me, welcome me back & unload all Moms toys, camper & set up camp for us. I heard Moms muttering all evening, “Thank God for Johnny.”

When Moms tried to get an appointment for the clinic the next day, they told her to go back to the ER instead. During those 2 hours, they fed her, always a good thing & told Moms she didn’t have Covid, that she had to live in air conditioning for a week & sent her home.

Now Moms says after the ER expenses, we have to live on beans & franks for a month. Beans & Franks? I think that is an excellent, very yummy way to live. Much better than the dried-up old dog food she is constantly forcing on me.

Lately, Moms & I have been holed up @ T & T Ville, aka Uncle Trev & Aunt Traci home.  I guess the air is better for moms here. Me? I feel like this is what Disney Land is all about for the 4-leggeds. There are chipmunks (Chippers) & squirrels (damn Bastards) EVERYWHERE! Trees, trails & magnificent smells abound. Mom sits in the big house breathing while I’m constantly hunting or lying in my perfect spot under the big pontoon boat. I Love it here!

While Moms is recouping, I will post a few blogs with many pictures about playing while camped at Pike Bay. If the air ever gets better Moms says she wants to head that way again in a few weeks.

I hope this finds you all healthy & having a fun summer,

Luv, Otis

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