Life as a Cougar . . . Grrrr!

My beautiful tawny coat, rippling broad shoulder muscles, plus slanted eyes surrounded by blackened eyeliner make me resemble a Cougar. When you add my magnificent tail to the package, I’m a shoo-in for the mighty Cougar cat.

Because Cougar & I look so alike, I at times adopt the prowling, pouncing, stalking & running thru the corn Cougar attitude. And let me tell ya about cats. All cats, big or little, sweet, or nasty, wild or domesticated, doesn’t matter what the inside or the outsides look like; I assure you they ALL have attitude issues! Why people put up with the purring hairballs is the big mystery for the ages. I mean, really; dogs are good-natured, always happy to see you & will eat anything. Cats, on the other hand, are sneaky & persnickety with food & affection. I try to help the 2-leggeds run’em off or grab an old, slow cat & swing it around a bit; I always end up getting my butt chewed & put in timeout. Totally not fair.

I digress, now getting back to my Cougar act. As you all know, Moms & my favorite game is for me to run alongside My Mama, who is riding on a dirt bike, e-bike, or in an auto. When Mom sees my ears lay back against my head, my head lowering between my prominent male shoulders with my stride crouching as I head into the corn to run, she knows I’m in Cougar mode. I settle one row in & flank the field.

My all-encompassing Cougar eyes taking in everything at once. The mice & voles that generally catch my attention are dismissed with an air of Cougar authority. I harden my constitution with the mantra “I will not poop, I will not poop, I will not poop” until my mission is complete. (Ya, when I’m running in dog mode, I usually hav’ta pop a squat here & there).

I fly thru the corn with fantastic speed & agility. People stop, stare & ask, “Is that graceful, powerful, magnificent animal a Cougar or a bad-ass mutt?” I snicker a bit as I let them play the guessing game. Everyone is in a state of wonderment when I finally bound outa the corn & they realize I’m just an amazing dog playing the Cougar game.

What game are you going to play today?

Luv, Otis

PS: I run soo fast Moms has a hard timing capturing a picture.

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