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Me, riding patiently in the auto.

This is my board face…aka “Please save me!”

Yippee! Playtime, I think I spied a mouse. And, if I say so myself, I think I have quite an attractive back end! 😊

This is how I rode in Moms old auto. I miss that auto.

My Mama has to stay inside a house, so she has clean air to breathe. I am required to stay outside so the peoples in the house with dog allergies can breathe. Even though this setup is healthiest for all the 2-leggeds, it’s not conducive for “Otis Adventures.”

Add to that fact I have been the perfect dog, the ideal mutt while Moms has been going thru her medical issue leads to zero shenanigans to blog about.

For instance, this morning, Moms sat outside for a few minutes drinking her coffee.  I was off leach just minding my own business when the neighbor dog spied me & just went off in a frenzy of harsh barking. Moms initial reaction was to freak cuz she thought I would go mix it up with the neighborhood nuisance dog. She told me to “leave it,” so I laid down & gave the offensive loudmouth my most “quit embarrassing yourself, you’re making a lot of ado about nothing” look than smugly sat with Moms. She finished her coffee while I chewed on the bone I buried a couple of days ago & recently unearthed.

Hopefully, something will happen very soon that will Moms keyboard once again sing!

Luv, Otis

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