Pouring Rain, 2 Fun Friends & 1 Concerned Mom

Mom makes me sleep in the teeny-tiny camper when the temperature drops into the 40’s or when it’s raining. I’m grateful for the times when it’s raining, cuz I don’t enjoy sleeping while wet, but being a tough dog, I can handle 40 degrees cold. 30 degrees starts to get noticeable. I don’t know if it’s a booger in my nose or an ice chip & my ice-encrusted whiskers feel a bit heavy. I’ve tried talking to Mom about this, but her mind is closed to any discussion regarding temps.

It had been raining all night & no end in sight for the daylight hours. I tried waking mom up so I could explore the curious sounds I heard outside. She ignored me until the sound of my dog food bucket being tipped over got her attention & a dog that wasn’t me yipped!

Lucky for me, there was a break in the downpour, so Mom let me out to see what was what. Imagine my surprise & total delight when I found not 1 but 2 four-legged friends to romp around with. Even though they were soaking wet, I could tell one was a lab & the other a setter. They tried telling me their names, but I couldn’t understand due to their strong accents. They must have been full-blooded setter & lab. The full-blooded dogs are more challenging to understand than the Heinz 57 mutts. Of course, I was larger than both, so there was a yip & bark occasionally when I played a bit rough; that I understood.

We had a blast running through the fields & woods. We played sniff butt, who could run fastest, tumbling & jumping gymnastics & racing thru the woods like we were on a hunt. The setter kept circling back to camp; she soo wanted to come in the camper when the rain started up again, but Mom had a firm “NO” going. The setter had a nice smelling butt. I wish Mom would have let her in as I’d enjoy getting to know her better. I’m remarkable, so I wouldn’t let the language barrier get in the way. Mom let me stay & play outside while it was raining since I was already soaked to the skin from playing in the wet fields with two wet dogs.

Mom & I had to go to the office, it was still raining & my two playmates were still visiting. Poor Mama didn’t know what to do. She hated to leave the guest dogs in the rain, but we didn’t have anywhere to put them. For about 1 minute, Mom toyed with the idea of taking all of us to the office. Quickly she realized three dogs in her auto would never work.

It seemed cold-hearted to leave the wet, bedraggled pups, but we did. Mom decided she would be more proactive if they were still in camp when we got back. They weren’t & we haven’t seen them since. I’m left only with memories.

Have fun with your playmates,

Luv, Otis

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