Black Cats with White Strips STINK!

In my 1st year on the farm, there were many small creatures with which to play. There were rabbits, a possum or two, a fox, some raccoons, moles & mice of course & a white stripped-back cat. All of them were fun, except the raccoons were scary. They all wear the same mask, so they all look alike. Why in the world are they wearing a mask? What are they trying to hide? Plus, it looks like the mask is painted on his face. A forever mask? I don’t get it! Self-preservations tell me to stay away from masked animals; too bad my self-preservation alert wasn’t active when I excitedly ran after the black & white little kitty. She got butt stink soo bad I’d have felt sorry for her if I wasn’t soo mad when she tried to get her stink all over me. I mean, I’ve smelt some nasty butts, like, “dude, why doesn’t your Mama give you something better to eat, man,” but I’ve never smelt anything soo nasty as that cat stink.

Her cat butt stink is eye-watering, hard to breathe, nasty. I don’t know how she lives with herself, or sadly has any friends at all.

Mom thought the stink was grossly bad also, although she kept mispronouncing it. Mom kept saying skunk instead of stink. Maybe the stench affected her brain. Actually, I do believe it did affect her brain cuz she was throwing a hissy fit at ME! I didn’t do anything except be in the wrong place at the wrong time & thinking I could have a little fun with this stupid cat.

Eventually, The stink faded. I don’t know for sure when cuz my nose was messed up for ages after that incident.

For two years, I’ve done an excellent job of staying away from black cats with white stripes until a surprise accident a few days ago.

 Soo, my Mom, was driving down the farm dirt road & I was running alongside like we do almost every day. Suddenly something in the field’s long brush caught my eye. Yup, without even thinking, I pounce on it. “YUCK, oh no, no, no,” that damn cat got me again with the stink. It wasn’t as bad as before cuz I used my highly developed agility & managed to dodge right while most of the stink went left. I was proud of my avoidance maneuver. My mother was not impressed with anything! In fact, she was downright rude & very cross with me.

We were on our way to the office, so I had to get in the auto; into the back seat where Mom had just washed all the seat covers. I didn’t want that stink on me, so I tried my hardest to rub it all off on the seat covers. Did I mention Mom had just vacuumed & washed them? I felt better, but Mom was in a state of tizzy; rolling her eyes & mumbling naughty words.

When we arrived at the office, Mom would not let me come in to escape the stink. I did have a laugh when I found out I got some stink on Mom’s jacket & her client mentioned she didn’t find skunk stink that offensive.

We still do our mom drives while I run down the farm dirt road, but I run on the opposite side of the road where my stinky encounter happened. That makes Mom happy.

Too bad all my old playmates; the rabbits, possums & the others have cleared out. I’d love to play with the white striped kitty if she’d keep her stink to herself. Maybe she thinks she smells terrific & is trying to share her spender with me; perhaps it’s her way of saying, “Hey, let’s be pals.” I feel sorry for her; what a horrible way to go thru life trying to share what you think is impressive, yet no one else gets it. Maybe if I stuck wads of tissue up my nose, I could try & play with her. My mother says, “No way in hell am I going to play with a skunk.” Humm, maybe it’s not just a kitty with a white stripe after all.   

Luv Otis

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