What’s Mom’s Deal with Sticks?

My Mama looks for camping spots next to rivers or lakes. She likes being near water & mom knows how much I love going for a swim on a hot day.

While we are by this body of water, Mom always looks for a stick. She is very fussy about this stick. It can’t be too long or short, too skinny or fat, nor can it have a bunch of sprouting sticks coming off it.

Sometimes it takes her a long time to find the perfect stick, so you’d think she’d like to keep it for a while. Not My Mama; she finally finds the perfect stick & what does she do? She throws it away! She takes that stick & throws it a far as a petite mommy can throw out into the deep part of the lake. That’s crazy, right? What’s even crazier is she then yells to me, “Otis, go fetch it up.”

After I look at her like she is nuts, but because I love her, I swim out & get her silly stick to bring back to shore. To my amazement, she takes the stick & throws it out into the lake again! Again, she tells me to fetch it for her. I oblige cuz I do like swimming if the water isn’t too wavy. I do not like water on my face. To be honest, I’d rather stand in water up to my chest instead of swim. I love My Mama, so I’ll swim for her.

The 3rd time she whips that stick out into the water, I fear she has completely lost her mind. I mean, who spends all that time looking for a stick & then keeps throwing it away? As her faithful, loving, yet getting irritated companion, I swim out to retrieve her stick.

Yup, you guessed it, less than a minute later, she throws it again! She is just all smiles & playful like this is some sota game. Demented game if you want my opinion.

Let’s be honest; 3 is my limit. If Mom can’t hold on to that stick, I figure it’s her problem, not mine. After I bring it back the 3rd time, I’m done. I don’t listen when she pleads for me to get the damn stick. I walk around looking for interesting things & do a neat job of ignoring Mom.

I do love the water. A few blogs down the road, I’ll tell you how I found a new game called Fishing. Right now, I’m kinda crappy at the game, but hopefully, with practice, I’ll be fish-productive.

The picture is when I was a pup & could curl up in a kid’s chair. See the leach tied to me? I was so young Moms couldn’t leave me unleashed for a minute cuz I’d be gone, investigating all the wonders I never saw before & way outa Mom’s grasp. Ahh, the good old day.

Smile & give your furry one a hug, yup even if it’s a silly ol’ cat,

Luv, Otis

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