Fishing the Otis Way

We were visiting a friend who lives on a beautiful lake. This lake is special to me cuz it’s where I learned about fish!

The lake is shallow, even at the end of a very long dock, in a bay with tall weeds on both sides. Even if it’s windy, this lake area is calm & the water is quite clear. I can see my paws!

I’ve been in water lots of times; lakes, creeks, rivers, puddles & swamps. Never in any of those bodies of water did I experience what I did in this particular lake. In my special lake, there are little things that swim under my belly & around my legs.

As I mentioned in other blogs, I’m not a big swimmer, but I love to stand, chest-deep in the water. For the 1st time, I felt then saw shiny little swimmers. Mom says they are called fish.

These fish, all shimmery & shiny, absolutely caught my attention. They looked like they might be fun to play with, so I stuck my long snout in the water to ask if they wanted to play. All that endeavor produced was a mouth full of water & my prospective playmates scattered.

Low & behold, my water companions came back & they brought a bunch of friends! My dilemma was how do I let these fascinating creatures know I’m available to play. My grand plan was to catch one, toss it onshore & explain my intentions. Then toss it back in the water so the play plan could be presented to his mates.

First, I had to physc myself up cuz obviously I was going to have to put my head in the water. The result? I concluded that the physc business is a bunch of phooey. Cus after the physc business, I still was not voluntarily going to stick my head underwater.  

 I kept wishing one of the swimmers would toss themselves out. But you know the old saying,”If wishes were fishes, we’d all have a fry.” I bet the frying business is what keeps the swimmers in the lake. Too bad not one of them is brave enough to flop on shore to see what’s up. I mean, I’m sure they are curious about these four long movable sticks with paws on the end. The fishes probably have never seen such an amazing sight before.

Another amazing thing about me is I’m great at pouncing. My pounces are proud & tall & I can pounce while running or being still.  I fully expected the lake life to be totally impressed by my pouncing ability.

 My plan? To be still until all the swimmers gathered around my legs, then pounce & capture one.

Hallelujah, I trapped one of the bigger fishes. I’ve not been schooled in measuring, but still, I’m sure this guy was at least a foot or two long. Yup, he was a husky swimmer.

 I didn’t think much past the pouncing part of the process, so now I wasn’t sure what to do. I feared if I lifted my paw, the fish would swim away. I could grab him with my mouth, but then my entire head goes into the water. Yuck.

What to do, what to do? Finally, I accessed my superior inner strength, dived under & grabbed the wiggle butt. Both of us were startled when he ended up on shore.

I introduced myself & explained I was a fun mutt who wanted to play water games with him & his crew. His name was Stanley & he was not friendly! In fact, the little bugger was downright nasty & vulgar. I couldn’t believe the obscenities come’n at me from his ugly gasping mouth.

Stanley kept gasping; he wanted to get back into the water. He was gasping so much I thought maybe he had Asthma like Mom. Feeling sad for his breathing struggle, I tossed him back in the water.

Stanley swam off. No thank you, good-bye or good day to ya; he flipped his tail once & was gone. I couldn’t believe my luck; a lake full of fish & I had to get the mean asthmatic one.

For another hour, I stood shoulder-deep in the lake, letting the little fish tickle my tummy (I think they liked the texture of my hairy belly) while I did my wind up & pounce.

Nothing I did was productive; I got tired, so I grabbed Mom, who was sunbathing on a rock & we went back to the house.

Let me know if you enjoyed my “Fish Story.”

Luv, Otis

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