My 1st Sleepover without Mom

My Mom found out it’s hard to make the car run with a broken foot. The evening wake & next morning burial of her Dad was an hour-long drive. My Mama’s dilemma was two-fold; what to do with 100 lbs of active dog for 24 hours & how to dismiss all the driving.

Mom’s friend Sherry came to the rescue. Sherry offered to take me home with her so Mom could be 100 percent present for her Dad’s send-off. That meant Mom could stay with family & leave the driving up to them.

In my 3 years with Mom, we have never, ever been separated overnight. Occasionally Mom doesn’t make it home until the early morning hours of the next day, but that tantalizing info is for another blog post.

I usually object with every cell in my body to being separated from Mom. I don’t eat, drink water, or sleep if Mom’s gone. Mom was afraid that as soon as Sherry let me outa her auto, I’d head to town trying to find My Mama. Mom strongly suggested Sherry keep my collar with Mom’s contact info on me at all times.

Sherry picks me up from the funeral home. Mom’s worry that I wouldn’t get into Sherry’s auto was a waste of worry cuz I eagerly hopped right in. Mom was afraid I’d have tears in my eyes as we drove away. The reality was no tears as I was excited as all get out for this new adventure.

When Mom is away, I do not eat or drink. I wait until Mom is safely back with me then & only then will I satisfy my bodily needs. While at Sherry’s, I ate all my food & drank all my water. This confused Mom. Why would I eat only at Sherry’s house? Mom’s relief that I did eat & drink road over the confusion.

Mom wasn’t the only one conflicted with confusion. Sherry had some confusion regarding the amount of food to give me to eat. Sherry lives with Lulu (the evil cat), & Lulu has a sister dog (Mac). Lulu treats Mac with nonchalance, so Mac is never bloodied. Mac is a hunting Lab & was, in fact, away hunting during my visit. That was ok cuz she only tolerates me slightly better than Lulu does. Mac probably weighs in at only 50 lbs. Sherry gave me the same amount of food as Mac usually gets. I’m twice Mac’s size! I had a few tummy rumbles, but luckily I didn’t starve. Mom gave me extra food when we got home, so it’s all good.

Here is a pic of the monster cat, Lulu. Lulu may look all sweet & innocent in the picture, but her heart is a demon. I have the scars as proof.

Sherry, let me stay upstairs! When Mom & I visit, I’m relegated to the downstairs apartment. Mainly cuz LuLu made my nose bleed the one & last time I was allowed upstairs. I don’t know where that scary cat was, but I figured Sherry would protect me, so I relaxed into the experience. Sherry even let me stay in the bathroom while she took a bath in her huge bathtub.

Yup, proof that I am a very chill-ax dog.

We did have some 3 a.m. drama. I had to pee! Weird cuz I never need to pee in the early morning. I think I was so excited sniffing all the new smells that I forgot to pee when Sherry let me out before bed.

I was sleeping in the laundry room with the door closed so Lulu couldn’t do a surprise early morning blitz attack. To get Sherry’s attention, I started to whimper a little bit. That didn’t work cuz all she did was roll over while hoping I would quit.  Then I tried wailing with urgency, Sherry pulled her pillow over her head. Finally, I barked, “Damn it, I need to pee!” That brought Sherry running. Quicker than quick, I was outside & soon everything was right with the world again. The rest of my stay was uneventful.

The following day when Mom pulled into the driveway, she saw me doing what I love, sleeping on my pillow in the sun. Of course, I was crazy happy to see My Mama & bid ado to Sherry.

All in all, my 1st overnight playdate was a success. I had fun during my time away from Mom. That surprised both me & Mom.

Luv, Otis

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