Hallelujah On the Road Again

We must leave the farm. Even though I have the heart of a racehorse & I creep like a cougar, my coloring & height are too deer-like to be safe when gun-wielding 2-leggeds are playing ‘hunter man’ in the woods. We needed to escape the deer lands on the farm, toot sweet.

Mom packed up the Ivy; I helped by staying far away from her feet. We were both delighted to be on the road again. Our bodies were a-tingle with excitement, a new venture brewing.

Our destination is a paltry 40-minute drive. Hardly enough time to get the adventure buzz going. That all changed when a goose suddenly popped up in Mom’s windshield; our hearts started flopping around like a chicken with its head cut off. My Mama’s superb driving skills allowed the silly goose to live another day. If he doesn’t stay off the roads at night, I project his flying days are limited.

We were close to our destination, yet Mom felt so good pulling the Ivy down the road that she wanted to keep going; take the 2-hour roundabout way to our goal. I told her that was a waste of time & resources. Mom listened to me! Mark it on the calendar! For the 1st time in my life, I got to be the wise one.

Our new spot is perfect for me. There is a large enough field in the back for me to play & scout around in but not big enough to hunt deer. Across the road is an empty campground on a  lake. Perfect for my inquisitive nose.

 Every morning I get to explore the field & adjoined gully of trees, followed by an afternoon of playing by the water. I practice my fast running down the quarter-mile dirt road that leads to the lake. Mom drives up & down the road for my running pleasure. Her backup camera helps her stay on the road when she doesn’t feel like turning around.

While I was investigating the lakeshore, I startled a deer. A doe shot like a pistol outa the scrub & ran away like a crazy fool. Good thing Mom saw it & I didn’t, cuz I would chase the deer & then got my butt chewed cuz apparently I’m supposed to know I’m not supposed to chase deer. Whatever!

Mom threw a stick into the lake. I leaped with joy into the water to fetch it & I immediately jumped right back outa that freezing cold wetness. Geez, I almost had a heart attack when my warm body hit that icy water. What’s Mom trying to do, kill me? And true to form, Mom’s reaction to my pain is to laugh. Why-oh-why couldn’t a sane person have rescued my little puppiness from the jaws of ticks & starvation those many years ago? Sometimes I wonder what my life might be like if I lived with a normal 2-legged.

Mom is enjoying our little spot of land as much as I am. She was thrilled to find the perfect-sized boulder under a mature tree located between the camper & my playground. Mom can park her tush on the rock while watching me prance in the field. She also uses the boulder to meditate, stretch & drink coffee. At least she did on the many days before the heavy snow came. My Mama loves rocks & trees, meadows & lakes, so this is the ideal spot to while away our time away from our cottage in the prairie. Really, it’s a glorified fish house sitting in a field. Mom’s grip on reality is a slippery slope at times. As her faithful companion, I keep my mouth shut & simply roll my eyes.

This is my teeny-tiny sleeping area in the camper. I hardly bang my head anymore trying to crawl in.

Luv, Otis

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