Doggy Construction Help

I’m a big mutt & Mom is a small human. She only has about 20 to 30 lbs. on me, depending on how many chocolate chips or potato chips she consumes. The 2 of us are equivalent to 2 adults. The scamp living space is 6 feet by 10 feet. All goes well when I sleep & live outside, which I vastly prefer.  When it’s raining hard, snowing, or the temps are in the 40’s Mom insists I bunk with her.

There would be plenty of room for me & Mom if Mom wouldn’t carry a ton of reading books, colored pens, paper tablets & journals. I don’t think many 2-leggeds even use pen & paper these days. Mom also drags along a few of those chrome-plated electronic gizmos. If she would utilize those gizmos more, she’d bring fewer books & paper stuff; thus, I’d have more room. Why, oh, why does she insist on not being a modern Mama.

Mom loves books more than she loves traveling.  Although when I think about it reading books is like traveling. When Mom reads to me, my mind goes in many directions with all different kinds of thoughts. The same thing happens to my mind when we travel.

Does Mom read everything she packs into the Ivy? Nope! It’s not bad enough that she totes along many books for our trips, but then she stops at far & distant book houses & buys or rents more. I tell you, it’s a conundrum.

I laugh when Mom tries to complain about how much space my food takes up. She tells me to “Dream on Buddy” when  I hopefully suggest, “We need to be replacing those books with toys & treats for me.”

Usually, we house-sit during the cold months we endure until heading to the warmer south. This year Mom bought a little cottage for us to live in for three months. It is shiny red; 8 ft. x 16 ft. There is lots of room for me & all her books.

Naturally, Mom had to stamp the inside with her style. Her stamp always involves hammers, saws, wood, paint & nails, plus a drill & screws. Mom likes to dress up in pretty clothes, but her heart remains that of a Tomboy. As long as she doesn’t try to “dress me up,” it’s all good.

Naturally, I helped in many ways. Like I spent hours laying in the sun on a stack of cardboard so it wouldn’t blow away.

Instead of chewing on the wood, I brought 2×4’s to Mom.

I did not lick the spilled white paint, I stepped in it. My white footprints are trotted all over the field. I didn’t know, but now I know foot painting is fun, & it kinda brightens up the dirt & weeds.

So far, the cottage is working out great. I have 2  corners. One corner is where my food & water bowls are next to my resting mat. My 2nd corner & my favorite by far, is on Mom’s bed. Mom’s short legs don’t reach very far down the bed, so I have a ton of room to spread out. In fact, I’d be willing to say the bottom half of the bed is mine.

I laugh cuz before Mom had a dog, she used to look at people who slept with their dogs with a “Yuck, are you nuts?” Now, by her judgment, she is nuts.

This is me laughing.

Too bad I shed & too bad Mom hates my hair everywhere, especially on the bed blanket. Sometimes her whining about my hair gets to me. I ask Mom, “Why don’t you get a hairless dog if you hate my shedding so much?” Then we both burst out laughing cuz those hairless pooches are U g l y!

Laugh a bit & enjoy your day,

Luv, Otis

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