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Happy Thanksgiving Dahgs

Ya, it’s not me, but you get the idea. I recently realized I can take creative license with my blog, so hang on; things might be different in the future.

To me, Thanksgiving Day isn’t much different from any other day except Mom’s stress level. Working a throttle or dancing is more My Mama’s idea of fun. NOT cooking. Cooking causes stress. She found a way to alleviate that stress last night while making hors d’oeuvres.

Port was the answer. It appears Mom has a low threshold for alcohol. She nipped a bit of Port here & there & was in bed by 8:00! That didn’t bother me as I had been out all day, was exhausted & ready to hit the hay.

So, what does this bright sunny morning & My Mama have in common? They are both chilled!  😊

Every day is a day of thanksgiving for us furry 4-legged’s. We adore our 2-legged caregivers & we show it daily by wagging our tails & licking. We love you so much that instead of us licking our hands-down most favorite private body part, we lick your face. We love on you multiple times a day.

I notice you 2-legged go around saying things like gratitude, thankful & appreciative, yet I rarely see those words in action. What’s up with that Peoples?

I’m gonna go out on a limb & suggest that instead of being all thankful & such one day a year to spread it out throughout your life as we dogs do. Ya, it’s a task at first so just take it one day at a time.

Mom says she wants to “Make my words dance with emotion.” Yup, I rolled my eyes at that one, but I do think she has a point. Actively be grateful & thankful. Show it instead of saying it. If your actions catch on like the ‘wave,’ you might change the world!

Mom’s gotta leave to get me yummy leftovers, so I’m gonna wrap this up.

Enjoy the day, give your 4-legged a hug & lick a 2-legged,

Luv, Otis

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