New Year’s Day 2022

Mom & I rang in New Year in an Arkansas state campground. We were both tickled pink to be back sleeping in the camper.

The temps here are crazy—75 degrees on Christmas & 30 degrees the day after New Year. The sun is out; we are cuddled in The Ivy, so life is good, so good.

Mom took pictures of me zooming around like a crazy dog. When my exuberance for life builds to a crescendo, the only way for me to release all that joy is to run. I run as fast & hard as my heart & legs can push.

I run fast as lightning straight at Mom & veer off at the last second. I’m confident my act of spiking her heart rate is greatly beneficial for her. (hehe)

I wouldn’t say I like to brag, but you will be wowed when you see the pictures of my massive form & speed.

Mom called me a crazy dog when she saw me swimming in the freezing cold river. I planned to step in to quench my thrust by lapping up some water; when the water gremlins suddenly gave me a push & I found myself swimming.

Those water gremlins are spooky. On the surface, the water appears peaceful & calm, underneath the water it’s a different story. Those sneaky gremlins grabbed hold of my legs, pushed & pulled, & before I knew it, I was off the solid ledge, stumbling into swim mode. The picture is me back on solid ground, asking Mom, “Did you see that?” Then I asked if she wanted to join the fun. I received a definite “Hell No” from Mom. Sometimes she is a killjoy.

After all that running & swimming, I need a nap. Mom said I was twitching a lot while I was dreaming. At 1st I was afraid she would drug that outa me too, but no, (whew), that wasn’t her intent. She asked what was going on. I explained that I was sad I had to leave my x-mass bones behind. Mom assured me they would be there when we got back to Minnesota next May. I told Mom that was a long time off & I hoped I’d remember to find them. My Mama just smiled.

We are headed to Crater of Diamonds State Park tomorrow. Mom wants to buy some rings to adorn her fingers; it will be a quick stop. Hop in & out; then we will keep heading south to warmer temps.

Humm, I wonder if I should try some of those ring things on my toes? They may class up my paws or maybe just look stupid. I’ll ponder it.

Mom made my spot in the auto quite cozy. I have a big space to put my dog bed without the back seats. I can stick my head out of the window without being afraid of falling out. It was a bit dicey at times when I perched on the seat with ½ my body hanging in the wind. My Mama is a fun mom, but I found out safety isn’t a huge priority for her. I’ve had to take on responsibility for my welfare early in life. (Mom is rolling her eyes at me while writing this).

Yesterday, Mom met a nice lady & her daughter & son-in-law. Mom knew she was a cool lady when she found out her name was Cindy. In Mom’s book, all Cindy’s are cool people. This cool Cindy booked their campsite for 3 days but only stayed 1. She invited Mom to spend the rest of our stay in her already paid-for site. My Mama’s no dummy, so she said, “sure.” Mom thinks saving money is a great way to start the new year.

Because we are the only people camping in this campground, Mom has been letting me run to my heart’s content. I think running free to investigate is a great way to start the new year.

I hope some fun things are happening to you as you start the new year.

Luv, Otis

PS: Tomorrow’s blog is full of spirit-lifting on-the-road-again tales 🙂

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