South to Louisianna

The morning was beautiful with a crisp nip & warm sunny. My tummy was chilled from lying on the cold ground, but the sun rays penetrating my topside felt heavenly. I basked while Mom happily got ‘The Ivy’ ready to roll down the road.

4-miles later, on the passenger side of our auto, was a guy with a big smile that almost fell outa his white truck trying to give Mom & me the thumbs up while mouthing how great he thought our rig was.

2 -miles later, an SUV rode alongside us while videoing my handsome mug & Mom’s cute abode.

When we are in slow-moving traffic or on a tight freeway, Mom opens my window so I can’t stick my head out & smile at everyone. Some people honk, which is jarring & kinda scares me, but Mom says that’s a small price to pay for bringing a smile to the 2-leggeds haggard in traffic.

Most people take pictures or give the thumbs-up or pass with a huge grin of delight decorating their face. I asked Mom if she could take photos of our admirers to post. She responded with, “Do you want to live or not”? I guess operating an auto while taking pictures of happy drivers is out of Mom’s wheelhouse.

When Mom painted flowers on ‘The Ivy,’ she didn’t understand the impact those flowers would have on people; that people would smile when they eye-balled us. When others give Mom the nod of appreciation, it warms her heart, which then warms my heart; I love it when Mom is happy cuz that usually means more treats for me!

I’m glad it was a good morning cuz the afternoon sorta sucked.

Without any pink pill involvement, we were contented, cruz’n down the road when Mom answered a call from one of my 2-legged bro’s. She shoulda just let that call go cuz her mood did a rapid deflate.

Shortly after that, another guy in a truck animatedly signed to Mom that Ivy’s door was flapping in the wind. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be the 1st time that day that Ivy threw her door open. Finally, Mom got the duck tape out; you know, Mom means business when the duck tape or WD-40 enters the picture.

I think the saying goes something like this:

“If it’s stuck, use WD-40. If it won’t quit moving, use duck tape.” And really what more could you possibly want or need in this lifetime? Ok, maybe a screwdriver.

Mom uses the duck tape so much that she buys it in white; white blends more with the camper. I mean, grey tape on a white camper would look a bit tacky, don’t ya think? Yes, the picture shows grey tape only cuz the big building where Mom buys stuff was out of white.

I remember wanting to use duck tape on Lulu the cat cuz her moving around usually scars my nose. But I realized that would be mean & since I’m not mean, I chose to fantasy about the idea rather than implement it. I know, I know, you all want to pat me on the head & tell me what a good dog I am.

I asked Mom, “Why do ducks need tape?” I thought tape would more hinder than help & Ouch when trying to take it off. She laughed & told me it’s Duct tape named after heating & air conditioning ducts. I don’t think she needed to laugh; I am a dog after all & while I know I’m unique, I still can’t read. Maybe if I wore glasses like Mom, all those letters would make sense.

Needless to say, we stopped to camp early; we had an uneventful night

 that welcomed a warm & yellow sunned morning lazing on top of a serene blue lake. I told Mom to take a picture, but she was all about getting road -ready & forgot. I try, I really do, but sometimes My Mama’s cooperation lacks commitment.

That was yesterday. Tomorrow you can read all about yesterday’s exploits.

Luv, Otis

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