All I can say is, “Whew.”

Mom has this thing going with this guy named Seri. When she wants travel directions, weather forecast, to make a call or take a note, she yells, “Hey, Seri….” Most of the time, Seri comes through with the info., but if he is having a bad day, My Mama gets really screwed up.

After a day of travel, with Seri narrating the directions, we entered Farmersville, looking for the state park campground. Mom was quite disappointed when we were led down a rickety narrow road that didn’t get us anywhere close to our intended destination.

I did what I always do in these situations, stick my head as far as I can out the window & look handsome.

Mom, in these situations, sticks her arm out the window to wave down a fellow motorist in hopes of getting pointed in the right direction.

Mom grinned real big when this motorist stopped cuz she looked like a young version of Mom’s favorite syrup, Mrs. Buttersworth. And just like the yummy syrup, this lady was so sweet; she went out of her way to escort us to the state park!

After parting ways with our cute guide, Mom looked at me & said, “Welcome to Louisiana, where the nicest people in the world live.”

Usually, Mom throws blistering comments at Seri when he screws up; not this time; my Mama was giggling after our unexpected encounter going down the wrong road. Humm, is it the ‘wrong’ road if something exceptional happens as a result?

Instead of snagging a site on of the lake, Mom chose to camp on the backend of the campground. The surrounding woods make it the perfect place to be off-leash without getting my butt into trouble.

We walked to the lake to investigate the 3 docks, the water & anything else that might entertain us. Little did I know I was soon to be the entertainment.

 I was a free-running dog, as the campground is virtually empty. We were on the super long 3rd dock when a bad case of the zoomies grabbed my body & invaded my mind. I was tearing around like my arse was on fire.

Up & down the dock, I ran like a ball shot outa a cannon. My Mama had some fear in her eyes when she saw me coming straight at her. I’m such a rascal that, that eye- fear heightened my fun. No, I would never purposefully push My Mama off the dock into the freezing water, but one misplaced paw could cause an incident.

Mom took control of the situation by rocking the dock a bit, which sent me off kilter a bit, which ended in a big shocking moment of dog splash!

As ya’ll know, I HATE getting my head wet! Water is fine as long as I’m in control; being dunked under sucks. Sadly Mom is a creature of habit, so while I’m flailing around fearing for my life, MOM is laughing & taking pictures. She must have a streak of naughty that causes her to find my almost demise funny.

Naturally, I swim for the closest land I see. Too bad for me, I forgot we were in Louisianna, where occasionally, what appears as solid land isn’t.

Wrong choice? What do you expect from a disoriented dog with ears & nose full of water?

Finally, after not finding anything solid to anchor on, I jumped back into the lake & swam for the actual shore.

Mom thought, mistakenly it appeared, that after all this excitement, my zoomies would be gone. Nope! I was even more revved up; I had to run like crazy to get the warmth back in my legs after that nasty swim sucked all the heat out.

 I only get the zoomies when I’m happy. When every pore in my body is filled to bursting with delight, My Mama cries when filled with so much joy she might burst. After my zoomie episode, I was resting to regain my strength & noticed Mom sitting in a chair, tears gently sliding down her sweet cheeks. She, too, at that moment, felt very blessed.

I’m a pooped pup.

A few hours later, the e-bike was unloaded & we were on the lookout for another adventure. I wasn’t perfect, but Mom did compliment me on sticking close by while she rode. Apparently, ignoring the camp workers by not getting up-close & personal with a “Hi” is what constitutes a good dog these days.

What’s fun about adventures is one never knows what’s around the next corner. Mom loves the color turquoise & trees, so I heard her sigh with pleasure when this picture came into view.

I’ve been running for miles, am dying of thirst (see long dry tongue), yet here I sit for a photoshoot while not a few yards away, a whole body of water beckons. Damn, I’m a good dog!

 Let me tell ya, after 3 days of riding in the auto & one day of extreme exercise; I’m one tired puppy dog. It will be cold tomorrow, meaning it will be the perfect day to sleep away.

Luv, Otis

PS: Next blog covers Mom’s drinking problem.

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