The Bee’s Knees

I love bees! Bees are fascinatingly fun to play with; flies are just stupid. Bees are graceful in their up-down, side-to-side flight instead of the dizzy erratic movements of the fly. Their buzz isn’t irritating like the loud annoying “Here I am” tune of the fly.

A few years ago, My Mama & I were traveling to Texas from Minnesota. We hung out in Thackerville, Oklahoma, for a few days to unthaw Minnesota’s ice from The Ivy’s pipes & Mom’s bones. I saw a bee & remember that encounter like it was yesterday.

The afternoon was windless, with the sun accenting the light blue skies. Mom was sitting outside reading while the green grass tickled my nose as I slumbered.

My ears perked up as I heard the gentle buzz of the Bee saying, “Come play with me, Come play.” I am most definitely not a dog who ignores an invite to play.

That Bee named Bernie & I put on quite the show for Mom. The show was 20 minutes of athleticism, fear & laughter.

Bernie would hover just outa reach while I pranced on my hind legs. When Bernie got bored, he flew higher, so I had to jump. My Mom laughed at my jumping antics while impressed with my graceful high leaps into the sky. I was getting so much air Mom was afraid I’d break a leg on the landing. I suggested she calm down & let me be. “Let me be with my bee,” I snickered while dancing in the air.

Even though I never got up close & personal with Bernie, Mom & I have fond memories of that afternoon.

A morning not long ago, another bee wanted to play. This time we were in the camper. I’m a bit shocked that Mom let the Bee & me play our game inside The Ivy.

The morning started like most others, where Mom’s fingers are cruising around a letter board while I nap on the bed. I’m snoozing when 1 ear springs to life. What is that I hear? Yes, siree, it’s a bee. Immediately I snap to attention. Now I have a dilemma.

As you can see, just standing on the bed fills up the back of the camper, yet I can’t reach the bee. Crashing my head into the ceiling will hurt. I could get a concussion or break my neck. I had to ask, “Am I a mutt with sense or wild abandon?”  Rationality is dull, so I decided to wing it. Life is nothing if not lived on the edge.

I leaped!

The little bugger tried to hide in the opposite corner.

I closed in for the close & personal meet & greet.

Yuck! He flew in my mouth! Get’em out, Mom, “Get’em out NOW!”

Crap, he spiced up my tongue on the way down.

Did Mom quit laughing & put the camera down to run to my aid? Nope. Sometimes I wonder if she cares for me at all.

This experience has taught me I can still have fun with bees if they stay out of my body. The sneak attack in my mouth wasn’t called for & benefited either of us. I keep a healthy distance in encounters with stinky white-striped black cats; I’ll do the same with bees.

Luv Otis

2 thoughts on “The Bee’s Knees

  1. I was laughing at this way too hard!!! Leo wants to play with bees too and I can’t help but laugh when they get him on his muzzle and he starts sneezing and trying to rub his face with his paws. Whadya learn buddy!

    Stay Sharp,

    Kelly Sayre
    Founder & President, The Diamond Arrow Group
    Author of Sharp Women, (Feb. 2022 release date)

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    1. Kelly, Thx for the comment. I was lol while it was happening & writing about it. Otis must be on a roll cuz I was crying- lol while writing the Po-Po one I just posted.
      Good luck on your book. I’m excited for u!


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