Digging Myself outa the Proverbial Doghouse

Mom’s encounter with Mr. Law & Order was so upsetting because she puts a ton of energy into making sure I can be free to nose around. My Mama knows how much I love running, so she tries to make that happen every day. Because I chose to be willy-nilly with my responsibilities, I created a hardship for my Mom. The Mom I love the most in the entire world.

I wiggled back into Mom’s good graces by being the perfect photo partner. She told me where to stand, climb, sit & fly; all I said was ok. I even talked a fiery red bird into posing for Mom.

Mom told me to clamber up a bunch of rocks & then sit. I did, but I don’t think Mom understood how dangerous it was. I could easily slide a paw off, get a leg stuck in a hole, & broken in 3 places. I don’t feel this was a favorable effort/ reward scenario.

Mom thought the red flowers were sooo pretty. Why couldn’t she just take a picture of the flowers & leave me out of it?

Actually, I look way hot in the pic. If a female hound saw this handsome muscular mutt, she’d be all over me like a bitch in heat. I won’t whine real hard about this pose if I get some action.

Does My Mama know dogs weren’t meant to fly? I was running, twisting here, jumping there, throwing sand with my slides. Mom goes, “Hey Otis, why don’t ya jump down there?” I was revved up, so I didn’t realize what I was doing until all 4 paws were in the air as I pointed head 1st to the river. I managed NOT to break my neck only by my massive leg strength & speedy quick reflexes.

Mom’s response was, “Oops.”

This is my co-pilot position. Unless I’m panting, then I MUST lay down, so I’m not being hot & heavy in Mom’s ear. Mom gets irritated when she gets an ear full of hot moist dog breath.

My Mama’s a swell person but good driver of the roads she is not. Ask anyone who has ridden with her. Does anyone notice the fear in my eyes?

I don’t stand there to look buff; I’m watching to plan my dive outa danger.

This is how my head looks hanging out the window. I’ll never know how Mom didn’t drop her phone to splatter all over the road when she took this picture while driving. My Mom, she has hidden skills.

The big leap! Mom was all, “Come on; you can do it!” while I was assessing my fear of death if my spring-loaded back legs failed.

I’m only doing this one to get a tummy rubbed. Full frontal nudity is embarrassing, but, really, I’ll do anything to get my belly rubbed; I am a male, ya know.

This little cutie is the definition of a birdbrain. 1st she is all cuddly & kissing Mom’s side mirrors. I don’t think she is getting satisfied cuz she goes from one side of the auto to the other. She leaves then returns expecting something different. Maybe she’s one of those psychotic birdbrains.

Sucking face with a beak & a mirror isn’t quiet business. When we heard the rat-tat-tat, we always knew there was action near.

She peeks into the back when she doesn’t get her desires met. What she is looking for, only a birdbrain would know.

Mom said, “The pretty birds are males.” What??? I find His activity rather odd. Maybe his DNA is missing the N.

I’m benched! Again, Mom told me to jump, & I did. At least this time, I didn’t watch my life flash before my eyes

Mud! I LUV Mud!

Wow, I was gleefully caked in mud & My Mama was happy-Mom was happy & mud was involved. It’s kinda a big deal! Mom made me run back to camp=no mud in the auto.

My next blog is about my 5-minute girlfriend Abby & the 3 guys who did their best to satisfy My Mama’s needs.

Luv, Otis

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