The Mississippi & Thoughts are Mighty

A couple of weeks ago, Mom & I camped at Lake Bruin, Louisiana.

It was cold & rainy. The campsites were snuggled together in the small park. Mom was not pleased, so she got cranky. Most humans chose sites by the river & TV cables. When Mama’s got the crank going on, she squats The Ivy far away from everyone; we settled on a site in the opposite corner from all humanity.

Miss grumpy pants took me for a walk the next day. Mom’s grump faded when she spied an old Boler camper. Bolers & Scamps are siblings, so the Boler camper is Ivy’s bro. Mom’s feet went from trudging to an enthusiastic bounce right up to that Bolar’s campsite. My fun ended at the campsite post. The post I was unceremoniously dumped & tied to while Moms went on to chat f o r e v e r  with the man who owned the Boler.

This is their story…

Mom was curious about his camper/ kayak/ bike & pleased when she learned he (just like My Mama) loved books instead of TV.

Stu & Mom’s banter was fine & dandy until Stu showed Mom the inside of his camper. She was moved & confused. “Where is the clutter?” the question was zinging around mom’s dazed mind.

The answer? Stu towed his Boler with a van. Oversized plastic totes filled the van to the tippy top!

Even though mom felt better knowing Stu’s totes contained his clutter, she still wanted her living space simple like Stu’s. Let me tell you; My Mom has been in a mental tangle since that fateful look-see. A mighty change happened to My Mama by the mighty Mississippi that day. Too bad losing my big comfy bed was the result. Now I’m the one with the grumpy head cuz I’m sleeping on the floor. This is hard for me to wrap my brain around. This floor business is Not how one treats their faithful companion. Isn’t there a written law stating this someplace? With all the reading Mom does, you’d think she’d know the rules by now. I am almost 4 years old! Humm, maybe My Mama’s not as bright as I thought her to be. Right now, I am too bummed to go on. I’ll address all the specific changes in another post.

Stu was from Canada & loved the Mississippi River. He paddled his kayak daily to cruise around Lake Bruin or fought the current on the Mississippi. Some days he drove to the river, sat in his van, binoculars in hand, to watch the tugboats pulling barges laden with wares up & down the mighty Mississippi.

Stu directed Mom to the best place for me to run free while she sat & watched the Mississippi flow past. That was what Stu said. My Mama heard, “dog run free; I meditate in sun.” I know I allegedly have a simple mind, but how does a mom watch the river while her eyes are closed in meditation?

I’d show you a picture of what Mom saw, but it would all be black cuz all she saw was eyelid back, so I didn’t see the point.

Ha, ha, I did a funny!

Underlined- The tugger boat/ barge

For about 2 seconds, this is what I watched

These silos along the river have been empty for ages. The signs around the perimeter said “Stay Out”; Moms perceived that to mean, “Hey Syndie, why don’t ya wander on in here & check out the crumbling vast empty spaces?” Naturally, Mom went exploring. Sometimes Mom’s brain does weird tricks when she hears or reads things; her interpretations get scrambled, like eggs.

Mom wanted a picture of me breaking the silo law, but I took the high road & said, “Hell No.”

Luv, Otis

PS: We just watched an older lady jog by with her 4-legged companion. Mom’s peepers met mine with a sly smile. Our simultaneous thought while watching her labor past was, “An e-bike makes that whole running the dog process way more fun…for both. Then we got the giggles. Ok, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I know how to “giggle,” but I pretend so mom doesn’t look like an idiot rolling on the grass laughing by herself.

One thought on “The Mississippi & Thoughts are Mighty

  1. I am jealous we are back in the life of work 5 days a week an fun weekends instead of nomad. I can’t wait until we can do it again.


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