An Unlikely Gem, Truck, Indian & Gorilla

We spent a couple of nights at Fairview- Riverside State Park in Madisonville, La.

Again, Mom was uneasy; all the campsites appeared knitted into long rows. It looked more like an RV park than a campground. Close camper proximity gets Mom dysfunctional. Obstacles like– no place for the ‘O’ to run & no privacy are burdensome. The Ivy is all windows! Mom hates keeping the curtains closed, but it’s better than feeling like a fish in a fishbowl. I wish someone would tell my Mom that no one cares enough to watch her eating or reading.

Thank goodness Mom’s friend Leann requested pictures. A photoshoot focus made Mom notice details.

1st of all, Madisonville is a tiny town with intricate designs on its homes.

This house was Mom’s favorite. Huge & elegant. The house & yard occupied most of a block. Moms yearned to know more about the history. The town library was closed; no knowledgeable-looking people strolled by, so she was outa luck.

Near the lake, stilts held the homes up. This one has Mardi Gras decorations.

 Lake Pontchartain bisects the town. Huge boats pass under an aerial lift bridge. Mom has witnessed a bridge like this a few times in Duluth, Minnesota. I could care less, but Moms thought that was cool.

On the 1st day in town, Mom went to Ace Hardware to buy screws for the camper door that wouldn’t stay closed. Ace Hardware & O’Reilly’s Auto Parts are the stores that keep us in one piece as we roll on down the road.

 Ace is the place to be when The Ivy acts up. And let me tell you, The Ivy has been having a fit the last 100 miles or so. She won’t keep her door closed. Does that mean Ivy’s some kinda trailer trollop? Does she send that door a fly’n while she yells strumpets r us?

Personally, I think The Ivy is tired of me, the handsome hunk-dog, getting all the focus. Motorists honk, wave & create a ruckus when she swings her door open for all to see. She’s become an attention hog. The enormous flowers painted on her skin aren’t doing it for her anymore. I find it sad she is handling her jealousy so poorly. Is there a Scamp camp for behavioral issues?

Mom had some choice words with Ivy about her behavior. The Ivy stuck her tongue out, so Mom introduced her to duct tape & a bungee cord. Poor Ivy was humiliated being towed for all to see with tape & a stretchy cord keeping her door closed. Mom added insult to injury when she used grey tape, which doesn’t match anything, instead of the less noticeable white tape.

We needed Ace Hardware to bring peace back to our little dwelling. My Mama was shocked when she walked into Ace. The older woman behind the counter was beautiful! Her long grey hair was perfect, along with flawlessly applied make-up. She wore a knee-length sweater over a long skirt. In her sing-song sweet southern voice, she asked Mom, “What can I help y’all with, sugar?” Mom stammered her need for bolts while she was trying to remember the last time; she washed her face & wishing she had worn anything other than the ugly grey sweatpants with slippers she definitely was not rocking.

This well-put-together woman sweetly called a helpful man who found Mom the correct screws and told her about the Lake Pontchartrain. He explained it’s a man-made lake that’s only 12 feet deep. They drag a channel on the perimeter so the yachts don’t get hung up. Mom said, “You mean those huge expensive boats can only go around the lake like a horse on a carousel?” He replied, “Yes, Ma’am, that’s exactly whata I mean.”

After Mom purchased the bolts, nuts, springs, & with a syrupy “Have a good night honey” from the stunning cashier, Mom was back in the auto with me. After that episode, I noticed some changes in My Mama. She got her hair styled & the sweats/ slipper combo is for camper wear only. She washes her face & applies make-up every day. Mom is trying to add some southern sugar to her speech, but everything still sounds northern abrupt so far.

We needed petro for the auto. At the same time, the gas-guzzled Mom cajoled me into modeling with a truck, Indian & gorilla. The truck bored me. I looked low while Mr. tall brown & made of wood looked high. The giant ape & I had the same view; my brain computed, his didn’t. Finally, the gas tank was full & I was able to hop back inside our ride before I died of boredom.  

Mom found a place close to the campground for me to run, found my name on a sign, plus stumbled upon campsites in the park by the lake. Those sites were more like a campground, not an RV park. Positives all the way around; it wouldn’t surprise me if we ended up back in Madisonville at some point. Mom wants to go cruisi’n on one of those yachts.

Luv, Otis

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