The Perfect Day!

It’s only 11:16 in the morning & I’ve already had the perfect day  

I started the morning with a good Mom & Otis cuddle in her bed. My Mama doesn’t complain about my loose hair since she got satin sheets. With satin, my hair is easily brushed to the floor, ready to be sucked up the obnoxious sounding vacuum.

 While Mom made coffee, I basked in the Alabama sun. The hot sun feels excellent against the nippy 38-degree temperature.

I thought this would be a dismal day as I watched a Black Lab across a small pond frolic, zoom & sniff. Right now, those were activities I wanted to be doing. I wanted to join in the fun. Too bad I was chained to the camper while Mom slowly, very slowly indeed, sipped her hot, heavy with cream & stevia go juice.

When the Lab departed & Mom’s coffee drunk, Mom let me run & sniff around where the Lab had been. This other side of the pond business wasn’t nearly as exciting as the Lab made it out to be. The lesson here is, “Don’t be envious of a fool on the other side of the pond.”

Before we left this tiny splash of water, Mom took a picture of a stern man in a stump & then we meandered to the river.

I wanted to run & play. Mom wanted me to pose for a picture by the only living green plant in the area. Who do you think got her way?

I like the Alabama water. Jumping in & out while chasing geese is a blast. This stump was begging to be scaled by Mr. Muscle. I swam out, got all up-close & personal & immediately decided muscles weren’t gonna be enough to top that bad boy.

Mom threw a little stick for me to fetch.

As my long-time readers know, I’m not a big fan of the fetch game, so being true to my nature, I spit the wood out before I got back to shore & went to find a tree part worthy of my attention.

I found a branch that I could drag from the depths of the flowing water onto the riverbank using my considerable brawn.

Once I wrestled the monster to shore, I had my way with the branch sticks.

All the fun with the river branch brought on a toned-down case of the zoomies; mild cuz I was tuckered out by the running & swimming I’d already partaken in that morning. “Why zoom at all?’ you might ask. I zoom when happy, end of the story.

On the way back to camp, we came across a playground. Of course, Mom had to plop her butt on this plastic U-shaped seat strung up by chains to a big metal bar. Then she started to kick her feet back & forth. Yikes, Mom began to swing to & fro. That scared the crap outa me, so I danced around her, barely avoiding getting kicked in the head while telling Mom to “Get off the damn contraption before you get hurt.” Everyone knows moms are healthier when they keep both feet on the ground.

I even tried to pull her off by grabbing her arm… Oops, I got some skin with my teeth. Mom yelped & I got scolded.

Since My Mama wasn’t listening to me, I thought, “fine” I’m just gonna have fun myself.

I jumped on & ran up the other mess of plastic & metal. I’m not sure why but that got mom off her flying seat quicker than a fish spitting out a hook & heading back into the deep blue. As My Mama jumped from the swing, she grabbed her camera & caught a picture of me exiting the colored mess.

After that, we headed back to The Ivy. Not leaving Ivy alone for hours cuts down on her behaviors.

Mom set up her workstation on the picnic table & proceeded to bang on a keyboard. I settled on my bed in the sun, thinking my fun was done, when along came Maverik.

He is the cutest little Pit mix I’ve seen in a long time. He is only a bit over a year old, but I give him props for being bold enough to slip right outa his parent’s control & come find me to play.

Maverick is a fast little fellow. I’m part Pit; Mav. is part Pit, so we had a blast running after each other. (That’s Mom’s shadow & the big yellow spat is the unfolded kayak.) 

The Mav didn’t blink an eye at my size. We Pits have moxie.

Mom needs to run into town for supplies; I go along for the ride since I’m her co-pilot. More about Alabama later.

Luv, Otis

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