The Breakout

It was a 50-degree, quiet black-ink evening. Mom knows I’d rather be in the elements instead of stuck in the camper, so she was doing me a solid by letting me hang outside after 8 p.m.

Previously, My Mama anchored my restraint to Ivy. The camper jerks when I do a quick pull on my lead. I don’t get excited about some small furry thing every night, but I do it often enough that Mom didn’t give it a second thought when The Ivy did a quick shiver.

What followed shocked both Moms & me; her cuz I cut my chain & bolted; me cuz I didn’t get stopped when I exceeded the length of me rope. There was a tiny pop before freedom to roam was wide open & beckoning.

I didn’t make a sound as I scrambled into the pitch-black night. My paws padded softly & I kept my shadow to myself. The entire night was ahead of me with acres upon acres of land, shoreline, & campers to sniff out the secrets they gripped. My excitement was on overload, so much so that I couldn’t quite figure out what to do first. I let my fabulous nose sniff the wind & I was gone.

Back in camp, Mom about had a heart attack when she realized I wasn’t lying on my dog bed, nor was I attached to my lead. She calmed a bit when she noticed my collar with Mom’s phone number on it was not on the end of the rope, which meant it was still around my thick massive neck.

Moms relaxed even more when she remembered that I usually don’t venture very far away from her. My Mama was so chill she simply called out my name. She spoke, I heard, & promptly trotted back to camp.

At that point, I didn’t know how to act. Being an escapee is fraught with indecision. Would the best move be tucking my tail & begging forgiveness, or should I pretend everything’s cool & continue the evening in my normal fashion? I think peoples would have more sympathy for wayward pets if they understood all the intricacies of flight.

I decided to do a slight tuck-tail, plus add a smile with a sprinkle of confidence. Let me tell you, ladies & gents, it worked! Mom didn’t get all huffy- puffy, point a finger, or raise her voice. Not once did I hear her say, “I’m going to sell you to the nearest zoo if you ever try that stunt again.”

During this time, a couple of things were in my favor. The lead broke when Mom failed to get the knot out. It was her procrastination that led to my unexpected freedom. Also, there wasn’t any commotion. Mom didn’t hear any screaming, other dogs barking, or loud scared voices while I was on the run. That fact heightened Mom’s curiosity. All night she kept verbally poking at me; where did you go? – what did you do? – did you find anything interesting? Finally, I said, “Mom! Stop with all the questions.” I explained that we had to have a few little secrets to keep our relationship healthy. After a long pause, Mom told me she was the thinker & I was only to protect & look handsome. I wrinkled my nose as my eyes squinted & said, “What?” Mom answered with the pursed lock-lip look. I did the only thing left to do; I went to bed.

Dear readers, I hope you all get the occasion to escape the normal in your life, just remember to not stray too far from your pack.

Luv, Otis

PS: My broken tie out of the previous evening. I’ve been practicing & I think I have the “chastened” look-down pat.

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