The kayak Went a Fly’n

Mom was driving 75 mph through Mississippi: her cruise control doing a magnificent job of keeping a steady speed. Moms realized she was slowly gaining on the car ahead. Mom noticed a pick’em up truck creeping up on her in her side-view mirror. Soon Mom was going to have to slow down & stay behind the front car cuz the pick’em up truck would block my way to get around the car.

 She figured her options to be A. Breaking to slow down & resetting the cruise control or B. haul arse around the car in front & settle back into cruise mode.

Mom chose B as she pushed the peddle to the metal. As our auto hit 90 mph Mom swung into the left lane to pass the car. At that point, 2 things happened at once:

1. The kayak busted loose & went arse over teakettle. It hopped over the median fence slammed into the dirt before it came to rest.

2. I hit the floor with front paws covering my head.

Mom said a naughty word & headed for the exit ½ mile away. After driving extra miles, Mom pulled off the freeway across from the wayward boat. Mom tried to breathe in courage while waiting for a break in the traffic. I suggested she pray for speed instead of courage, but that got me an “Oh, be quiet” look.

My Mama sprinted in prolonged slow motion across the roadway only to realize she would have to go over or under the fence to grab the stupid boat. She opted for playing crawling army man & hit the ground on all fours.

Pulling accompanied by heavy breathing & tugging while expressing R-rated language, Mom finally got the flying kayak & herself back under the fence. (You, my dear readers will need to use your imagination as My Mama was way too flustered to take pictures.) She hoisted the kayak up & did a slow waddle back to the auto.

Peoples, I want to point out a few miracles.

  1. If Mom hadn’t sped up & gotten into the left lane, when the kayak popped off, it would have the truck coming up alongside her.
  2. The kayak survived the 90-mph tumble with only a few scratches.
  3. Mom’s slow waddle across two lanes of traffic didn’t get her killed.

Mom promised me she would always double tie the kayak to the camper. That way, if one tie fails, it won’t end in a catastrophe.

After all that, it was dark when we pulled into Foscue State Park. Dan & Pam, the camp hosts, came out on this cold night to help Mom find & get backed into our site.

Of course, as soon as Pam met me, she fell in Luv! She was all kissy-kissy & said she’d bring treats for me tomorrow. I liked that Pam is a woman of confidence cuz she didn’t ask Mom if she Could bring me treats; Pam said it like it’s a done deal. I’m sure; if Pam asked, Mom would say, “Oh no, he’s ok.” My Mom is brilliant. Why she says such ridiculous things, I just don’t know.

The next day Pam brought over yummy treats & a sweet little princess named Bella. The minute our eyes met; I knew there was something special happening. I mean, I was infatuated & I hadn’t even smelled her butt yet!

Bella went all googly-eyed when she took in my tall, solidly built brawny stature. She winked & said, “Looks like you work out, Big Boy.” Some might have thought she was coming on a bit strong, but I like a Sweet Thang that knows what she wants. Things were going swimmingly well until…

She jumped up to give me a little peck on my snout when I noticed her teeth! Holy crap, the little lady has a mouth full of big biters! My tail went straight up & I pulled back from the smooch she was trying to lay on me.

I let Bella down as gently as I could. I explained she was great. It was me with insurmountable issues & it wouldn’t be fair to drag her into my disfunction. Bella took the news with grace. We played around for a few minutes, then parted as friends.

This is our front yard & me having an early morning swim.

The campground is on lock & dam road. This is the dam part.

This is Pan & Dan’s ride. I’m looking for dropped treats.

It’s easier to hunt for yummies if I’m 100% inside. It was so comfy inside I wanted to go for a spin but naturally, Mom put the kibosh that. I think she has some rule about me having fun.

With some sadness, we are leaving Foscue Park Campground. With spacious campsites, distant neighbors, hot showers, bike trails, & a lake at our doorstep, it has become one of our favorite campgrounds.

Stay tuned for our experiences at Tickfaw State Campground.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💙💚💙

Luv Otis

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