Tickfaw State Park

At Tickfaw we met 3 cool campers, a couple dogs & 1 fix-it man. We did a photoshoot & Mom got rid of Ivy’s clutter, plus got my bed off the floor. Whew! It was a lot! I told Mom to make this a 2-part blog.

As usual, Mom stated, grumbling about our campsite as soon as we got to Tickfaw. Our site was big enough, but The Ivy’s back window overlooked another camper. Mom finally bit the bullet & closed the curtains at night. She put her big girl pants on, changed her attitude, & shockingly, Mom not only survived but enjoyed the visit.

It was cold & rained a lot, so I drug Louisianna clay/mud into the camper & Mom survived that too!

Mom extended our stay at Tickfaw cuz the camp workers & the hosts were friendly. Long hot showers made My Mama all cozy content. Moms found a long road in the park that I could run down without being tethered & she found this fun fishing pond that we could walk around undisturbed. Yup, I got wet & muddy, but the runs were fun & felt good.

The town of Springfield was a short drive down the road & had a large enough grocery store for options.

I’m now perfect at heeling while attached to Fred the e-bike unless a squirrel flicks its long, luscious tail at me. When that happened, I headed for the squirrel; Mom screamed “STOP” & grabbed the brakes. Fortunately, I stopped on a dime, Mom stayed upright & the squirrel kept on chattering & dancing up the tree.

One of our camping neighbors, Helen & John, brought 2 dogs & 1 cat. I met the faithful companions, but Helen was smart enough to keep kitty-cat away.

Xena & Benny came over for a sniff. Once Benny got a look at my size, he said, “See ya, & Xena, he’s all yours.”

Xena was ready to play. She was like, bring it on, fella.

I made the mistake of going in for a kiss a little too soon. Xena said she didn’t kiss before a good butt sniff. She was not a loosy-goosy kinda gal.

Xena & me were both on leashes; that makes it challenging to properly check scents. I kept telling Xena to turn around & she said, “You first.” I was raised to be a gentleman & she was raised to be a modern filly. Incompatible philosophies: our play was short-lived.

On the other hand, Mom, Helen & John hit it off splendidly well. Mom was pleased when Helen rubber banded her contact info to The Ivy’s door handle. (They left before Mom woke up that morning.)

Mom was Not pleased with me cuz I slept thru the entire note leaving process! She expects more from me in the way of alerting when peoples or 4 -legged are nearby. All I can say is I was tired! My Mama wore me out the previous day.  

Run here, run there, sometimes a pooch needs to rest & any old place will do.

Mom trusts me to lay by Fred while she uses the restroom after our morning run.

 Mom & I stopped to do Yoga in the sun.

Mom said she was doing Yoga, but instead, she took pictures of my massive teeth. She denied it, but as I always say, actions speak louder than words!

My Mama’s got a bug up her butt about Allegators. She wants to see a wild one, & she wants me to stand on his back for a photo opp. With all the cold weather, the Alligators can’t move very fast. Mom assures me it will be safe. I told Mom, “You go first.” She told me, “As soon as you can operate the camera, I’ll go first.”

I would suggest the sign also said, “Do not stand on the Allegators.”

Mom told me to come over & see the Lobster climbing on the branch. Naturally, I rolled my eyes. Everyone knows Lobsters need saltwater & they don’t climb trees. I think Mom is trying to be funny, but I’m not ruling out imbibing some spirits over lunch.

Mom had me hang my butt on the root of this poor tipped-over tree in this picture.

The story goes like this: Hurricane Ida slammed water on everything when she battered Lousiana on August 29th, 2001. In her vengeance, she up-rooted trees, houses & raised walkways. There are many, many trees that look like this. Tickfaw was ravaged in the hurricane & will take years to rebuild. I wonder why Mother Nature was so angry. She really should take a chill pill when her agitation starts to boil.

Tomorrow I’m gonna chat about my new bed situation, my friend Cathie & the photoshoot.

Stay tuned,

Luv Otis,

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