My New Bed & Photo Shoot

A recap. At lake Bruin, Mom saw a guy’s twin to The Ivy. Stu’s living space was uncluttered. My Mama moaned with desire; she desperately wanted the peace & ease that comes with less crap or at least more organized crap.

Immediately after we visited with Stu, Mom put 3 of her 6, yes you read that right, 6 throw pillows & an extra blanket in a big bag to store in the auto. At some point in time, My Mama thought it made sense to have 6 throw pillows in a 6.5-foot by 10-foot living area! Those pillows lay by day on the bed & spent the night in the sitting room.

A week later, my nice comfy bed got obliterated & I ended up on the floor.

My Mamas bed was a short twin mattress topper laying on the camper seat cushions. I slept at the end of the bed most of the night.

Mom used a bright pink sheet to cover where I slept to help contain my lost body hair. Sadly, that pink stole a chunk of my masculinity. After sleeping like a neurotic flower all night, It’s hard to be rip-roaring strong by day.

Mom noticed I started peeing like a girl, so she replaced the yucky pink with a cool blue.

If Mom had the night wiggles or I was crowding her for some reason, I ended up on my doggy pillow on the floor. As soon as morning dawned, I’d hop back up on Mom’s bed.

Mom’s uncluttering of The Ivy meant Mom’s bed moved to the front of the camper, previously known as the sitting area. This area is the size of a tiny berth on a train or ship, meaning there is no way for a dog of my incredible stature to fit.

The old bed area turned into a sitting & computer space for Mom. Where was my new sleeping space? The Floor!!!

My pillow takes up 90% of the floor. If Mom gets outa bed for anything, she tries to step around me carefully. You can’t imagine how scary it is for me when it’s the middle of the night; Mom is ½ asleep trying to get a drink of water or a snack. I probably still carry bruises from all the stuff Mom accidentally dropped on my previously sleeping head. It got to the point that when I heard Mom’s middle-of-the-night feet hit the floor, I’d start to panic.

After I was dumped on the floor, our morning routine changed. When Mom’s bleary eyes peeped open, her 1st order of business was to unceremoniously kick me & my pillow out the door. Then she proceeded to brew her morning enhancing aromatic hot coffee. Guess what happens when inclement weather prevents the outside portion of our morning ritual? Basically, I turn into a frightened mess of fur. At night it’s only a bag of crackers or a bottle of water that gets dropped on me. In the morning, it could be any of the following: a huge container of cream, a bottle of sugar or cinnamon, a bag of coffee, or the coffee pot! Statistically speaking, emerging unscathed from the floor after Mom’s coffee process is dismal at best.

I begged Mom to P L E A S E get me off the floor. I’m ecstatically happy to tell you My Mama not only heard but acted! Mom bought me a navy-blue plush velvet cushion to keep on one end of the new sitting area. I love it; it’s comfy & manly looking, plus Mom loves that my hair vacuums up easy- peasy.

I can watch Mom sleep.

Or watch her blog.

Or longingly gaze outside.

Mom’s new boudoir!

Cuddling is important! Originally, I tried jumping over Mom to be next to the wall but inadvertently pushed her right out of bed. She ended up on the floor scowling up at me so that cuddle session was over! I learned to jam Mom’s legs into the wall when I jumped into her tiny berth, preventing a fall from either of us. Then we can still cuddle before I head to my bed.

My bedroom & Mom’s office area. Mama has many papers, books, & electronic needs for this small space. Not all clutter is gone, but I am proud of her progress.

Initially, Mom attached me to E-bike Fred using my collar. How my head didn’t get torn off, or I didn’t get choked out during that learning process, I’ll never know. My second present was a vest. Mom attaches me to Fred via the chest hugging vest. It’s way more fun for me to run with Fred when I know I’m probably not going to be maimed or die.

That clean vest didn’t stand a chance; I initiated it with a mud bath PDQ (pretty darn quick.)

In the tent section of the park, Mom met a cute little lady named Cathie. Even though Cathie had a van to sleep in when the nighttime temperatures dipped into burr cold, she wasn’t as comfortable as she’d have liked. My Mama told Cathie she had extra pillows, a blanket & sheets in her auto & would love to pass them along. Cathie was as excited to receive as Mom was to give the soft, warm stuff a new home.

 Cathie fell in love with me at Tickfaw. She loves dogs & professionally takes pictures of sled dogs in Ely, Minnesota. Mom jumped on that little tidbit of information by asking Cathie if she’d take some pictures of me & mom. Cathie excitedly agreed.

You always see my handsomely, handsome head & deep brown eyes, so I thought I’d show off my gorgeous & soft as a Persian silk blanket, long white neck. Plus, by this point, I’m beyond bored & asking God to intervene.

Can anyone say “Dapper?” I mean, is there a look I can’t pull off?

Cathie was shocked at how well I took direction & by my prowess of getting on top of high tipped over trees & stumps. I sat where instructed, stayed as long as necessary & tried not to show my boredom.

Mom was happy with the pictures. Cathie enjoyed taking them & offered to dog sit when we are back in Minnesota. I’m a satisfied hound; I made everyone happy.

Who can you make happy today?

Luv, Otis & Mom

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