Gunter Hill Campground

I must note with wonder and confusion; My Mama hasn’t whined, not once, since we have camped in Alabama. The Corp of Engineer parks are the only campgrounds we’ve stayed at. Each camping space is pretty large, so big; the monstrously freak of nature motorhomes do not seem to dwarf the space. Massive elbow room separating the individual camping sites provide Mom and me with a super comfortable space to squat in for days on end.

Each & every one of the three separate Alabama Corp Parks has provided more running/ roaming space than I could ever use up.

Mom’s heart floats free to be able to muddle about without feeling watched. I appreciate the smorgasbord of nature I can watch and if no one is near, give chase. Just yesterday, I pursued three white-tailed deer with wild abandon. 

My running ground had logs,

for me to climb on.

Mom interpreted this to mean drive slow!

Mom immediately understood this one.

The view from Ivy’s front door.

I’m surveying the river from across the road from our camp.

Of course, I’m waiting patiently for Mom to finish business at the gatehouse.

All the space behind me leads to the boat ramp; yup, me & Fred run it every day.

The bridge twisted & broke.

Mom told me to hop up for a photo. I said, “No way.” If you squint you can see me running on the left.

These are Alabama Hobbit Houses.

Hobbit houses are tiny trees’ with wooded spaghetti covering everything. You could hide a lot of stuff in those sticky wickets.

Mom told me to sit; I did. My butt ended up on the curb, My front paws, not so much.

Swimming after a long run.

I was standing on the dock. I’m waiting for Mom to quit pretending to meditate, so we can head back to camp.

Am I a stud or what?

My next post: Is it love or a stalker?

Luv, Otis

3 thoughts on “Gunter Hill Campground

  1. Love reading about your adventures Otis. We met Mom yesterday in the park on our early evening walk. We noticed your blog name on the camper.


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