Leaving is Sad, Friends and New Adventures brighten the Day

Last Wednesday, Mom did laundry. Her heart skipped a beat when she raised the rear auto hatch and didn’t see me on my pillow. All of me managed to tuck in on Mom’s front seat. For a quick minute, I was afraid I’d be stuck like that until the jaws of life came to cut me out.

I didn’t let My Mama fret long. I popped up from the front seat and did a “Peek-a-boo! Then prayed Mom wouldn’t yell at me for sharing my hair on the front seat.”

“See, Mom, I’m back on my pillow, no harm, no foul.”

Mom wasn’t too upset cuz she told me to stay while she dug for her camera; besides, who could stay mad at such an adorable face?

On the way back to our camp spot, Mom spied the cutest vintage camper, so of course, she had to stop for a look-see and chat with Molly. Molly told Mom that a group of women called Sisters on the Fly were having a rendezvous that weekend. Now Mom wanted to stay longer.

Across from Molly was a woman (Jean) camped in a Casita camper. Jean had adorable yellow window awnings, so Mom had to stop to do a look-see how they were made and attached.

(Mom didn’t get a pic. of Jean’s window awnings. This is from the internet.)

Jean is a photographer (Photography by Jeanclarkphotography.com. Blog: www.borderbrae.wordpress.com). She also makes these cute bottle holders with handles and gifted Mom with three! Jean also told Mom there was a Casita rally going on all week in the campground. The campground was going to be full of cute little campers like The Ivy. My Mama’s heart hurt. She was so sad that she couldn’t stick around to play.

Thoughts of leaving my luscious mud puddle behind made my amazingly buff shoulders slump, and my paws dragged when I lumbered from here to there at camp.

Our last morning found Mom curled in a blanket, her hands cuddling a hot cup of joe while she watched the sunrise. A new neighbor added his vocals and guitar strings to the ambiance of the morning. Mom got a little wet-eyed; it was so perfect

With sadness, Mom packed camp up while I stayed quiet & outa the way.

Once we hit the open road, Mom was lit with smiles again. We were on our way to meet our new friends Helen and her companion Xena.

After driving for what seemed forever, Mom surprised me by pulling into a dog park! Not any old dog park but a superb dog park with lots of big dogs and comfy chairs for the two-leggeds to sit while visiting.

Mom’s friend Helen my pal Xena met us at the dog park gate.

I was quite the popular guy when I arrived.

Who’s got the best smelling butt in town?

“Come on, guys, let’s go rough & tumble.”

 Then I got a bit cocky and tried humping a mutt. Mom yelled, and some of my ‘cool- factor’ got dropped in the dirt.

Xena asked her Mom (Helen) if she really wanted her to play with a brut trying to dominate on the playground. Helen said it was ok, but Xena sorta lost interest in me. I think Xena was intimidated by all us rough and tumble male hounds; she stuck pretty close to her Mom.

This guy wanted to play with me in the worst way, but I was plain tuckered out after my morning run and the previous play. My Mama laughed cuz usually I’m the one with my butt in the air eager to play.

Our moms continued visiting at a nearby Cracker Barrel. Shopping, eating, and chatting provided a fun outing for the new friends.

 I smelled steak on Mom when she got back, but that was closest to steak I got. Not a morsel passed my lips. I wish my friend Greg were here; he’d for sure have saved some steak for me.

The friendly people at Craker Barrel said we could sleep in The Ivy in their parking lot that night. Both of us rested well with the rain softly pattering on the roof.

I slept in, recouping from yesterday.

Our trip to Mississippi will post soon.

Luv, Otis

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