Before Leaving Big Biloxi

The afternoon before our departure, a breathtaking grande dame chose to move into the campsite next to us. My heart skipped a beat when this big beautiful short-haired Pyrenees caught my eye. Her coat glimmered of pure white as she danced in the sun.

She stole my heart, and we hadn’t even met yet.

Her eyes brightened when I caught her attention; her body quivered with excitement. She bolted toward me with an eagerness that filled me with hope.

This lass was much too delightful, too magnificent for me to immediately invade her nether regions with my nose. Instead, we kissed in the manner of her French ancestors.

First, the right cheek.

Then the left.

John, my new heart-of-my-hearts dad, told Mom his purebreds name was Lady and said, “Of course, our dogs could play together.”

We ran, played chase, had a blast playing meet and greet. I showed her my favorite cooling off, kinda muddy with an eatable grass spot. With an accented tongue, she told me, “I am a lady in name and demeanor; therefore, rolling in dirt does not bring me pleasure.”

As I was still smitten with love, I let that little irritant roll off my back. Our play continued until we were both thirsty and breathing heavily. I grabbed a drink outa the nearest water hole while Lady totted back to her camp to drink outa her water dish. Humm, I wondered, she got some special water in there?

Maybe some Perrier water?!

This chick is all beautiful and fun, but she might be a bit over the top for my humble muttness.

The next morning John and Lady came to visit. John was interested in Fred the e-bike. I kept wanting attention, so the mean side of Mom showed up. She got the hook out and locked me outa the way. I could only watch the goings-on from a distance, but that distance didn’t keep me, peepers, from seeing a disgusting display of affection between my girls.

Mom kept rubbing on Lady, saying things like, “Oh, you are soo beautiful. I can’t believe how soft your fur is.” Meanwhile, Lady kept getting closer to My Mom while sneaking me the Ha, ha, your Mom like me better, look.

I lost it when Mom said, “I wish Otis fur were this soft.” My fit of jealousy had me pulling with might on my rope while barking my displeasure. I was beyond horrified to witness betrayal by the two females most important to me.

Make that one female. Miss fancy pants, can’t get my fur dirty, Lady dropped outa my heart with a deep resounding thud. I didn’t give her the time of day after that.

Naturally, Mom realized with amazing clarity the heartache I was experiencing. The rest of the day, My Mama cuddled me. She gave me extra treats while telling me I was the best of the best, and she would never want a silly white dog who never wanted to get dirty, no matter how soft her fur was.

I made Mom work for it, but eventually, everything was righted between us.

Later that day, we arrived at Davis Bayous Campground. Stay tuned for a treed raccoon, saltwater, and statuesque homes.

Luv, Otis

3 thoughts on “Before Leaving Big Biloxi

  1. We just passed you on the road and looked up the blog. What kind of dog is Otis?! Looks just like my dog Piper and we adopted her!


    1. Four years ago we found him starving and feeding many ticks in the Minnesota woods. He was 3 months old. Even though he looks like a Mastiff his cheek swab says he’s 30% Pit followed by equal amounts of lab, shepherd, bulldog, husky & chow-chow.
      Otis is a gentle giant. I feel blessed to have him.
      Thx for reaching out. Safe travels!


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