Trouble in Palmetto Island State Park

This Gator is at the welcome entrance to the park. Mom had given me many treats and much cajoling before I willingly went into the beast’s mouth.

Weird, but that was the only alligator we saw during our long visit.

At the boat landing, I was able to cool off while Mom kept an eagle eye out for any gators.

Our site had lushes’ forests behind & on the side, plus more woods separating our view from the camper in front. We were the last campsite of 96 sites. They all had to drive past us on a dirt road when they left the campground. The traffic was a bit bothersome at times, but all in all, Mom and I loved the spot and would go back in a heartbeat.

Mom noticed a large palm tree gutted from the ground up about 5 ft. Mom was concerned but didn’t know what to do about it until Trouble, and his parents came by to say “Hello.” They also told mom a big storm was brewing and suggested Mom call maintenance to cut the Palm tree down before the wind caused it to tip over onto The Ivy.

Mom did, and while we were away having The Ivy repaired (again), they cut down the tree. I missed the shade the tree provided, but mom liked knowing we wouldn’t get bashed in the head when a falling tree squished us as the gusty throaty winds roared and whipped around us.

This sweet pup is named Trouble! I couldn’t understand why, as he was sweet and docile.

Trouble didn’t bark or fuss when I climbed into his golf cart to give an up-close and personal hello! My Mama squawked and told me to “get out,” but Trouble never uttered a peep. In my experience, all little dogs are yappers, so this was a rare pleasure. Susan and her man were calm as cucumbers; totally unconcerned, a ruffian was muscling his way onto their golf cart.

They were friendly people. Too bad they left before Trouble and I could play together.

Next Nov, Dec, and Jan, Mom and I are scheduled to be one of the hosts for the campground. Hopefully, Trouble and his gang can come hang out with us during that time.

One of the campground hosts had this adorable pup. Trouble and she had an established relationship, by the looks of it. Good thing I found out before I created a wrinkle in their love fest.

Mom was told to beware of bears. Wild hogs, raccoons, armadillos, and deer also lived in the park.

Being on guard listening to the armadillos and raccoons in the evening almost drove me nuts. Armadillos are the smallest animals in the park, yet they make the most noise. They sound like an elephant savaging through dry leaves looking for food. Mom had to keep a fan’s white noise on all night to keep me sleeping.

Usually, the park has pigs roaming through the campground. One of the hosts told Mom a cougar moved in, and the pigs disappeared. (Yikes!)

Mom found a closed road for Fred and me to race down unencumbered. Other than the horseflies that attacked Mom, it was perfect. Fred is speedy, so he can outrun the little biters if needed.

After our run, Mom found a pond where I could indulge my daily swim needs.

 I Love My Mama; she really looks out for me. Ya, sometimes she drives me nuts, but all-in-all, she does right by me.

Mom lets me hang out in the dirty watering hole before heading to the pond. It doesn’t matter how dirty I get cuz the pond will wash it all away.

Mom climbed through the foliage to get a close-up of my handsomeness.

And a pic of me exiting the water.

We stayed at Palmetto for almost two weeks, so I have multiple blogs about our experiences. One is about sightseeing in Abbeville, the town close to Palmetto State Park, and another is about my best friend Greg, who drove a long way to bring me fresh treats! Ya, Mom only buys me the so-so-dry bagged treats. She forgets to give them to me half the time, so they stay stashed forever. Then Mom laughs when I spit the old disgusting treat out as soon as it touches my tongue. She should get a picture of my scrunched up; you’ve got to be kidding me, face.

Greg’s treats must be refrigerated!!! That shows you how much he loves me.

Luv, Otis

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