The Greg Lovefest

My friend Greg came to visit us in Palmetto Island State Park. He brought me treats! Steak & hotdogs – the good kind of treats; yummies that need to be refrigerated.

Tonight, I will remind Mom they are MY treats & Gregg won’t be happy if I tell him she has been nibbling on MY treats in the middle of the night.

Greg gave Mom a ride to Abbeville in his sweet little car. If there would have been room for my big butt & blockhead, I’m sure he’d have invited me for the ride.

Mom & Gregg got a case of the belly gurgles when they were in town, so they settled at Shucks restaurant cuz Greg was craving Oysters.

In Abbeville, Shucks is well known for being one of the best places for food from the ocean.

Greg finished his oyster supper with a smile & pat on his tummy. Mom enjoyed a tasty crab cake. The light in Mom’s eyes started to sparkle when their server brought a complimentary bowl of bread pudding to the table. Y’all know how Mom is with sweets. Yup, My Mama moaned and groaned; she grinned with pleasure as she devoured her delicious bread pudding.

I’m sure Mom shared a tiny portion of her pudding with Greg. Just as I’m sure, she had her fork ready & in the stab position if he errored on the side of largess.

I was disappointed when they arrived back at camp without a to-go box. I expected more consideration from Greg. Mom feels that if she remembers to feed me my kibble, I should be happy.

I’ve learned not to expect much from Mom. That way, it’s easier to bear when she gets back in the auto after a tummy-filling meal yet empty-handed when it comes to the pooch.

You might ask, “Why, Otis, how do you know your mom’s been at a restaurant?”

My response “The smells!” Mom smells scrumptious after she dines in. I’ve tried licking Mom, looking for a yummy crumb or two, but she scowls and slaps me away.

Friday night, Mom told me we were going to Greg’s house bright & early Sat morning. My excitement upon hearing this led to fragmented sleep that night. Sometimes Mom needs to hold her tongue a wee bit longer.

I want to be at my best when I see Greg, yet I felt fuzzy-brained on Saturday morning after a fitful sleep. Hopefully, Greg is occupied with my tasty treats and won’t notice my dimmed demeanor.

I was curious when we parked in front of a building in a new town. Surprise, surprise, Greg moved into a swanky new apartment.

I had a blast running untethered to -&-fro in Greg’s previous backyard, yet he traded his vast yard for a dog spa!

That Greg is always thinking of me. I guess I can hardly wait to get all bubbled-up, massaged, with a  blow-dry finish.

Mom thinks it might be a challenge as I’m terrified of water coming from a hose. Plus, noisily vacuuming hair off me scares the living bejesus outa me; she is not holding on to any hope the blow drier will be better.

If my buddy Greg says it will be ok, I’ll try it.

Greg’s cool apartment comes with a dog run, so all my needs have been met! I hope he stays here a long time.

Little did I know, but quickly found out this excursion to Greg’s was, in reality, a dump and run. I got dumped while they ran to a music festival.

Festivals Acadiens et Créoles

Mom had a blast dancing and shopping. Greg took pictures while the music filled his heart with joy.

This artist made stunning 3-dimensional pictures out of a variety of objects. Mom said she wants to be her when she grows up.

Mom told me that if we ever have a permeant yard again, it will contain these bold, colorful metal flowers.

This super unique, comfortable chair would definitely live with us, and Mom would call her Sally. She’s the Sally chair. 😊

Finally, after a day of laughter, food, and spirits, Mom remembered she had a dog!

This is the room I was locked up in. OK, OK, it did have a view. I was able to watch all the other doggies run around outside with their loving parents. And, yes, Greg pulled his couch into a futon for me to comfortably sleep. Mom left me water and kissed me before the door closed the final time. As far as doggy jails go, this one wasn’t too bad.

Greg was slightly concerned that I might chew or pee on something while locked up. My Mama assured him I was a “Good mutt,” and he didn’t need to worry. Mom was right.

I was catching up from the nighttime toss and turn, soundly sleeping, when the two partiers arrived back home.

Greg was happy nothing got wrecked, so I got treats, and Mom let me explore the dog run. All in all, it wasn’t a bad day.

Luv, Otis

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