Fun Times at Cypremort Point

Mom took many pictures of the sun setting; this is the only sunset photo that includes me. She plans to sprinkle the sunset pics within the blog posts.

This is the start of a quarter of a mile-long walking bridge with benches for resting scattered about and a big blue tarp at the end to hide under from the sun. The bridge goes over a swamp and provides easy viewing of many animals, birds, and reptiles, species which enjoy life in dirty, slimy water.

All birds, reptiles, and animals like deer, wild pigs, plus raccoons are off-limits to me. I get no playtime with anyone but Mom. She is nice, but a steady diet of My Mama is rather dull. I’d love to chase a few deer and see what a pig might have to offer.  

Mom has heard stories of alligators mistaking light caramel-colored long-legged dogs for deer, so she steers me clear of any possible alligator encounter. We are probably the only team that has spent two winters in Louisiana and have never eyeballed a gator. Maybe Mom needs new glasses, and my snout needs an adjustment cuz you’d think a hound of my excellence should be able to sniff out a gator or two.

Beautiful, yes?

This nearby house grabbed Mom’s fancy. She likes the coral color and many little roofs. I think they are called dormers. The yard intrigued me, but sniffing around wasn’t allowed.

Same house, another side.

Mom found a quiet corner of the beach unpopulated by the two-leggeds and had a picnic table. After a long run, Mom brings me here to cool off, plus I can explore all the potentially interesting things hidden in the rocks while Mom soaks up the sun.

I love the water.

Run, run outa the water; I see a bee!

“Here I come, little fella; ready to play?”

I’ll be raring to jump for the bee with a few more of my massive strides.

I’m here and ready to tangle. I’m so excited for fun time I forgot to shake all the water off me. “Where are you? Did you fall outa the sky?”

I couldn’t find my tiny buzzing playmate, so I decided to rub all that brackish water off of me.

Mom made me go back in the water to wash all the sand stuck on me off. No biggie, as I was getting hot under that sun.

While Miss Eagle eyes sits on the picnic table, she warns me not to dance my backside in the sand again. This time, as I left the water, my nose got busy instead of my invigorated muscles.

I Kinda climbed up on the picnic table to have an up-close and personal conversation with Mom. I am trying to explain to her the benefits of me rolling in the sand. Benefits like sand is an excellent skin scratchier and dead hair remover. Plus, wiggling around on my back is good for my taunt, and toned muscles, like yoga, is good for My Mama’s muscles.

Mom’s not buying it, so I playfully stuck my tongue out at her. I had to stick it out playfully, or I’d have been in a time-out PDQ!

I’m showing Mom respect by listening with rapt attention. See my ears taking all her gibberish in?

I didn’t like what I heard, so I’ve closed my ears and am the perfect picture of nonchalance. My demeanor led us straight back to camp.

Stay tuned for a picture of Mom’s favorite ride and me in my camp host ride.

Luv Otis

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