4 Kitty’s in a Basket

I woke up after a wet night; grass sagged in the soggy earth. A sucking slurp sound followed every paw step. At eye level, gossamer webs were delicately strung among shiny green leaves that stretched toward the drying sun.

If Mom had been crawling around on her knees in the muck to witness the morning magic, she woulda had herself a moment. My Mama’s moments usually involve a sigh, a tear, and a smile of gratitude.

Ya, I can appreciate beauty for like a couple of seconds. It’s way more fun when the mud makes squishing noises as it is forced between my toes while I’m destroying webs, leaves, and anything else in my path. I lumber through the woods like a bull in a China cabinet, at least that’s what Mom tells me.

This morning Mom is reverently sipping her coffee while I run willy-nilly through the wooded fields finding mud to roll in and seeking something to play with.

I didn’t get far when a tiny squeak found my ear. Much to my astonishment and delight, I found a weed basket filled with four small furry appetizers. My troubles started when I couldn’t decide which color to eat first; four warm bundles, four different color combos. I was facing what you 2-leggeds face when presented with a box of assorted chocolates. When you don’t know what’s going to squirt in your mouth with the first bite, it makes you hesitate.

A couple of things happened in my hesitation.

A. I figured out they were teeny-tiny cats.

B. They weren’t afraid of me. They weren’t afraid of me? What?

I chuckled as I threw some deep-throated barks their way. I figured that would scare the bejesus outa them. Nope, they kept making these cute little meowing noises as they crawled all over each other.

I was stumped; I thought taking a closer look was in order, so I stuck my nose in their dewy softness and sniffed. Yup, they were cats, alright, yet instead of scratching my eyes out, they playfully batted me on the schnauzer with their tiny little paws, claws in the retract mode.  

I sat in befuddlement. In the moment, it felt like I’d get indigestion if I gobbled one down. Cats taste better when they run, try to hide, and climb a tree barely outa my reach. When cats run and evade, they deserve to be chomped.

I tried scattering them around with my paw. The furry balls would roll here and there and then immediately head back to the nest. Instead of them being frightened, it looked and sounded like they were having a blast. What to do? Humm, what to do?  I know, I’ll take’m to Mom. Hopefully, she’ll scare the wits outa the fur balls so I can play the run and chase game.

I told the fur babies to hop on my back. Yowzer! Immediately I shook those nasty claws loose of my flesh while exclaiming, “Jeez, I’m not a tree!”

The only thing left to do is carry them in my mouth. If it slips on down my gut, “Oh well.”

I don’t think she liked being in my mouth.

The mouth thing was also problematic. One kitty wasn’t enough, yet two in the mouth was too much. Crap. Really? I’m gonna have to make four trips?! Those critters are lucky I have stamina and am a patient dog.

I dropped the calico-colored kit by The Ivy’s door. I was headed back to the nest after dropping the black one next to its mate when I heard Mom running to catch up to me. My Mama’s first words were, “What in tarnation are you doing?” Not “Otis, I’m so proud of you for bringing me intact kitties instead of chewed upon bundles of hair and meat.” I doubt Mom is ever gonna get this thing called communication figured out.

Mom followed me to the weed nest and tucked the last two kitties into the drape of her shirt. What, suddenly, I can’t be trusted to carry a tiny cat?

After Mom got involved, the entire feline business did not go well for me. Mom put the playful kitties in the camper and kept me on the outside of the door. Drat. Now Mom had a day of play lined up, and I had to go scrabbling for another playmate.

Never fear cuz my nose is here. In short order, I trapped some fun in an old piece of farm machinery. Oh damn, I spied the white stripes at the same time skunk stink found my face.

Needless to say, Mom was soo upset she didn’t even yell at me. She got even that night.

 When it rains at night, Mom lets me bunk down in The Ivy with her. Not this wet evening. Grouchy old Mom made me sleep under The Ivy all night. A night the heavens poured bucket after bucket of cold rain down with clapping cymbals all a thunder.

Occasionally, I’d tentatively ask Mom if I could come in, and she’d say, “No, stinky.” How can a Mom be sooo nice, yet be sooo mean?

The following morning Mom & I were joyously surprised when we realized my stink somehow got washed away during my night slumber. Mom’s in coffee mode, so I’m off to find the day’s excitement.

Luv Otis

PS: Mom said I could NOT keep the kitties. She dropped them off at the neighboring farm. I hope when they are all growed up; they come back to play keep-away chase.

PPS: Greg & Sherry, ‘growed’ was intentional – not a mistake. 😊


4 thoughts on “4 Kitty’s in a Basket

  1. I love your Otis stories.  I think you should write an Otis book of his adventures.  I smile and can just imagine poor Otis as I am reading this.  It makes my day. Give him hugs and kissesSusan


  2. Love your stories Otis 👍🏻

    Safe travels. We are headed up to Canada for a few weeks. Then visit the western states on our way down to AZ. to spend Jan-Feb for the winter months


    1. Your trip sounds fun. I love spending time in Mn but do miss the travels. Be safe and thanks for reading the blog 🙂


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