Things that Make Mom Laugh

 Lately, when I walk by The Ivy, I hear Mom laughing out loud. After a few days, curiosity tugged my peepers toward the comfy quarters of The Ivy. Immediately I spied Mom staring with glazed eyes at her phone. After I cock my eyebrow with a tilted head, signaling, “What’s up?” Mom says, “Facebook,” followed by “you wouldn’t understand.”

Apparently, Mom was late to the FB party, she was not a big fan until she stumbled across quotes and jokes. Those short snippets make My Mama giggle. I’ve witnessed that when the two-legged’s hear something funny, they can’t wait to share it. So, I was not surprised when Mom told me she wanted to include a little extra note on my blog. That’s okay as long as after today, it’s below my sign-off.

These are my math spectacles. Mom liking math does not explain why I’m the one with the glasses on!

Mom loves algebra, so this one tickles her every time …

“Dear Algebra, please stop asking us to find your X.                                        

   She’s never coming back, and don’t ask Y.”    😊

Mom smiles when she this picture of me as a puppy. This is only the fourth day we have known each other. Mom thinks I’m adorable, sporting my handkerchief collar while resting on a collapsed tent. Yes, I have a collar on, but nothing is attached to the collar. What Mom doesn’t realize is am getting ready to bounce into a get-away run. If I remember correctly, it took half an hour before Mom finally caught me.  

While being tied up, Mom told me that no matter how cute I was, I couldn’t walk or sleep on a downed tent. I guess holes in a tent outweigh my cuteness factor.

As a pup, I slept with my baby blanket many hours a day. I don’t remember the blanket lasting long. Who gives an outside puppy a white blanket?

For many years Mom slept in a hammock. It was fun while we cuddled inside the scoop of pillows and covers. But now I want out! Without Mom in here with me, this contraption sways and rocks with pending doom. Instead of taking pictures, I think Mom needs to get me outa here before I fall out and bonk my head on the floor.

Funny story. We were camping the following winter in the Texas warmth. I was over a year old when Mom and I were cuddled in the hammock. Mom had the screen surrounding us zipped closed to keep the bugs out. Everything was nice and calm until my eyes caught the sassy swing of the squirrel tail. I bruised many parts of My Mama while shredding the screen as I jumped this way and that, trying to escape the enclosure. The tree-climbing rodent was long gone when I finally tripped out of the hammock.

No more hammock swinging for me since that long ago morning debacle.

Mom always laughed when I stood on the front seat of Mon’s auto while resting my head on the dash. It was a super comfortable way for me to travel.

I know it looks like I’m encrusted in glittery diamonds, but as we all know, looks can be deceiving. Yes, people, that is ice caked on my whiskers and outlining my ear. Mom quickly got the heater blasting. I had a lot of melting to do.                

Dang it, Mom is slopping her aromatherapy oil all over the place. Yuck! I wish she would remember how sensitive and highly alert my nostrils are. I’m gonna need snout plugs if this aromatherapy nonsense keeps happening.                   

Mom thinks we look ‘cool’ hanging out on the water. In reality, we are a floating stress machine. I twitch one way, and Mom adjusts, twitch – adjust, twitch – adjust. Balance, balance, balance is the name of the game. Mom thinks this is fun. I find the entire event exhausting.

We stayed close to shore, so I didn’t have to wear my bulky life vest. Honestly, the vest is embarrassing. I think all the mutts that see me are asking the same thing “Doesn’t that hound know how to dog paddle?”

I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day weekend.

Luv Otis   



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