I have a new buddy in my life. Jerry is a 12-pound Shih Tzu Bichon! His breed originates from Tibet and means “Little Lion.” Jerry does have a cute accent. I hate to say it, but I could squish him like a bug … lion, or no lion.

It seems like all pooches Jerry’s stature have “attitude” 100 times bigger than their body. I might not be a sweet-smelling adorable fluff, (Jerry has that in spades), but when I bark, everyone immediately stops to take notice, and my bulk wards off any fight before it gets started. If you take “Lion-attitude” into a battle, there will be blood, and I don’t think those slightly weighted tykes carry much extra of the hot red stuff.

I’ve been told that Jerry’s breed is one of the most popular in the United States. He has a tail, four paws, and a snout like the rest of us dogs. I cannot figure out what all the fuss is about.

Jerry’s Mom is my 2-legged brother’s girlfriend. Her name has many letters, so I call her “Cort” for short. Jerry is Cort’s best pal, and Cort thinks Jerry is the best thing that has ever happened to her. My Bro would prefer He was the one causing the pitter-patter of Corts heart. My advice to my Bro is, “Remember to bring Cort a bone from time to time, and belly rubs will cause her heart to swell with affection.” Kinda like a puffed-up balloon, except one that doesn’t break, leaving ragged-edged bits and pieces scattered everywhere.

 Playing the ignore- and- the- heart- grows- fonder game is another option, but it comes with risks. I know this from personal experience.

Every day my girlfriend Bea high tails it over to my house, demanding all my attention. She lives life like she hasn’t a care in the world; every day is filled with running and play. Bea exhausts me. Every time her bouncy hot, breathed self invaded my space, I hid in the camper … with Mom … all my food/ water … and toys. Since I started ignoring my girlfriend, Bea, she has practically moved in.

While Mom and I wait (apparently in vain) for her to bounce to another farm, Bea curls into my nest under the camper for a long slumber!

My sweet Mama had to step into her mean, ugly pants that didn’t fit well to show Bea that Mom’s rules were not to be trifled with. The minute Bea’s snout crosses our area, she is tied to a tree until her Mom comes to get her.

In conclusion, Dear Bro, Don’t ignore Cort! Tying your girlfriend to a tree until her mother comes to get her won’t work well in your world. Please stick with the bone and belly rubs; you’ll be happier in the long run.

Jerry and I spent time together summer camping.

As a matter of re-introduction, I am compelled to do the head and butt sniff test. I gotta be sure that Jerry is the same dog as before and that someone’s not trying to do a quick switch-a-roo. I’ve also gotta be mindful only to sniff and not do a sniff-and-lift. If I’m a sniff’n and I lift my nose, that tiny pup is gonna go butt over tea kettle. If that happens, the adults start to squeal.

Jerry tries to talk me into laying down so he can do a proper sniff of my excellent nether regions. I’m not in the mood, so Jerry tries vainly to find something he can use as a step-up. While Jerry’s on the hunt for height (yes, really, Jerry needs a ladder to smell my tempting butt odor), I, quick as a bunny, head to his food dish and lap it clean. Jerry’s half-cup kibble is itty-bitty sized, so it takes about 15 seconds to do the deed. Yikes, who knew that mouthful would cause quite the commotion? All the 2-leggeds (Mom, my Bro, and Cort) were flapping their arms around me like a big heavy bird trying to get airborne from land … without a running start. Such a fuss over a wee bit of dry dog food! I wish I’d had a camera; they all looked ridiculous.

Jerry finally convinced me to take pity upon him and lay down. Instead of sniffing me, he got up on his back two legs like he was gonna jump atop me. As you can see, my big-toothed smile put a kibosh on that idea.

Eventually, Jerry and I found peace by pretty much ignoring each other. I did get many opportunities to practice “stealth mode food steal.”

Cort or my Bro put Jerry’s food bowl out and forgot to put it up when he quit eating. When all the adults are engaged in conversation, I slowly, ever so slowly, in a roundabout way, creep toward Jerry’s food dish. Yea, yea, everyone tells me to leave it, but what fun is that?

It’s not a problem if my food is left out cuz one piece of my kibble is almost the same size as Jerry’s head, so he doesn’t bother with it.

After it was all said, sharing a camp space with Jerry was good. I was tied up if I got in the way; Jerry went into the camper.

I am a bit jealous. Due to Jerry’s size, he is allowed on all the boats. For me, it’s a “no way in hell is that big dog going on my boat” situation at South Pike Bay family vacation.

Mom takes me in her kayak and on a paddle board, so I still get to experience boating on the lake. I’ve never dumped Mom off the board or outa the kayak, so I’m a bit bewildered as to why I’m banned from the family vessels.

I hope all my readers are happy and healthy as we head into crisp Fall nights.

🧡 Luv Otis

Facebook:  “Everything happens for a reason; sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and make bad decisions.”


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