Bear is my Fun Buddy

Another story about my fun, adventure-filled summer camping trip in northern Minnesota.

Bear and I had an up close and personal meet and greet.

My Mama’s cousin Zack wanted to interject some fun into his long workdays, so he got a white Lab pup named Bear. Zack is a landscaper and includes Bear as part of the crew on job sites. Bear’s involvement is crucial cuz he sniffs out the best place to stack rock or wrap a beach.

When there is lawn mowing to be done, Bear supervises from his comfy spot under Zack’s mighty truck. The way Bear tells it is, “White dogs have one-way see-through eyelids;” so to the unknowing, it might appear that Bear is snoozing under the truck on a hot afternoon after lunch, but in reality, his eagle eyes are making sure the guys are mowing straight and true.

Even though Bear is a pup, most of the time, he wasn’t intimidated by my extra-large size. I’d run straight ahead, a dog full of gumption and zoom, then do a speedy-quick turnabout without warning. My rear paws kicked up; sand would fly in every direction while I accelerated on the straights again.

Of course, Bear tried to follow and mimic. His little body would swing this way, then that with a couple of full-body flips on the corners. I give the guy credit cuz he could have opted to seek shelter between Zack’s feet; instead, Bear shook the sand outa his ears and eyes and kept on going.

On the rare occasion, Bear acted hesitant when I got too rambunctious; I held back the best I could while Bear tried to keep up the best he could. We were a good team.

Bear had a neat collar. I had to check it out to ensure he had no treats hidden behind it. When I noticed Bear’s ears going back, I took a clue and told him I was just sniff’n around. No warm, no foul as I backed off.

Seriously how adorable does this pup look sit’n in the scrub? Bear’s white against the brilliant green foliage is a great picture.

My front is a beautiful soft winter white, but I think I’d look ridiculous posing in the scrub with my head tipped back toward my butt.

I’m contemplating whether I should make a dye job appointment at my local dog salon. Dyeing my entire coat white might be extreme, but maybe some heavy cream highlights would do the trick.

Another option is to simply admit that some dogs look better in the scrub than I do. I’m humble enough to admit I don’t have to be the best at everything.

Bear is a Lab, so he loves the water. I like the water fine if my head stays above in the air. I hate getting water in my nose and eyes. You two-leggeds can wipe the water outa your eyes, while I damn near take an eye out when trying to paw the water outa my peepers.

Our water play consists of me running into the lake to shoulder level. Bear swims after me as fast as his short, yet big-pawed legs allow. We only do a few swims out and bounces back in; then Bear has to lay down and rest a beat or two.

Bears a trouper, I ran over him, rolled him in sand a time or two, and he never went crying to Zack.

I must remember to be nice cuz those saucer plate paws Bear prances around on indicate he will not be easily bowled over next summer.

🧡 Luv Otis

From FB: I bought a new stick of deodorant today. The instructions said: ”Remove cap and push up bottom.”

It hurts to walk, but whenever I fart, the room smells lovely.


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