Digging Myself outa the Proverbial Doghouse

Mom’s encounter with Mr. Law & Order was so upsetting because she puts a ton of energy into making sure I can be free to nose around. My Mama knows how much I love running, so she tries to make that happen every day. Because I chose to be willy-nilly with my responsibilities, I createdContinue reading “Digging Myself outa the Proverbial Doghouse”

Mom Tried to Vacuum my Arse!

This fur/ hair thing has been an issue since I grew outa my cute puppy age. When I’m outside, the only hair accumulating in the camper is Moms. Do I hear her complaining of her hair everywhere? No, nope, nada, not a peep. My Mama hates having hair-fur everywhere. When the weather is between 30-Continue reading “Mom Tried to Vacuum my Arse!”

My Mama’s Drinking Problem.

The problem with drinking isn’t so much with the water-like stuff. Propel, Gatorade & tea with the occasional soda don’t seem to cause issues with Mom’s head. 1 beer isn’t too bad as a brain function stopper. 2 beers & I pray I get fed before she passes out. The real problem reared its uglyContinue reading “My Mama’s Drinking Problem.”