Tears, furry butts, Thackerville

3rd blog                                               Jan 6th, 2020

The 1st week of November was freezing cold. Mom hoped to replace the field of ice with the warmth of the Texas sun, with a pit stop in Blair, Nebraska.

Me? I love the cold! Rain, not so much but I pawed a “high five” to the weather gods when they send snow.

Mom was in quite the tizzy packing up & leaving Minnesota. I guess the roads were conducive to camper pulling until Willmar. After Willmar mom was white knuckling the steering wheel; only able to drive 40 mph. After hours of her shoulders up round her ears and the roads getting worse, mom started to look for a place to spend the night.

In the midst of the dark deserted road was a big truck gas station. Too bad it was filled, bumper-bumper, side- by -side with semis campers & vehicles of all sizes. Definitely no room at the inn!

Praying, hunched shoulders with white knuckles we continued slipping and sliding down the road, the dark, very dark snow/ice covered road.

Mom called her brother Gregg; with wetness in her eyes, informed him we were probably going to end up in the ditch so to not wait up. I’m glad dogs aren’t as dramatic as humans!

About 10 miles after the call, roads & Mom’s dried up & we were back to flying down the road!

Remember my fondness for small furry butts? Pulling into Gregg & Jennifer’s found me all a-quiver with anticipation! Too bad the place was as still as a graveyard. I guess 1 a.m. is the time for quietness in the human world.

Mom showed a marked improvement of attitude while waking up to warmth, in the 50s, and sunshine.

The cats & I had a robust time for a few days. I think they are finally getting the hang of the game. In fact, one of the cats always runs to her favorite branch high, high up in a tree.

Mom & Gregg spent the warm days tinkering with the camper & shooting guns. Man, those are loud obnoxious things, aren’t they? I’m mom’s gun…ya me! Wait a minute…I’m not loud and obnoxious; the gun is! I’m the protection so she doesn’t need the gun. Whew, glad that is settled.

We set off.  Bound for Texas. In 60-degree weather. 8 hours later mom’s eyes are dripping again cuz the camper completely froze up while it rattled down the freeway.  

Luckily, right off the freeway was a huge casino with RV parking. They really should have let us camp for free due to the amusement our little home provided. Close your eyes & imagine a huge parking lot filled, side-by-side with obnoxiously large, overgrown hunks of stalely colored steal called motorhomes. Now stick our little 13 ft home, painted white with a flower here & there, in that sea of hugeness. Your smiling, aren’t you? It should be ca-ching free night. Too bad they don’t see it that way.

Anyway, with 2 heaters going & staying put for a few days allowed the camper to thaw. Mom rested, I laid in the warm grass & we took many walks on the dog path.

Finally, its warm enough to replace Thackerville, Ok with Pflugerville, Tx

 Really? Thackerville …Pflugerville, yikes!

Next blog will be all about our time in Texas. Friends, camping, dog parks, board games & transgenders will all be included.

With big doggie love,


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