He Brought a Gun to a Knife Fight!

When I was still a puppy &  we just started this crazy adventure of living full-time in our tiny camper, occasionally, an issue would pop up. The one that really sent mom over the edge was when she would get the camper backed in; get everything unloaded & set up only to find the campgrounds electrical outlet didn’t work.

1st off moms backing the camper up in a timely fashion was nonexistent back then. Usually, we would pull into the campground after dark (another error!), & mom would toss the auto keys to whichever man was the closest. Them backing the camper into the campsite was way less stressful, safer & quicker than moms doing it. I guess my contribution to the endeavor of jumping all over barking to get out did not help much.

The point is My Mama went through an ordeal to park only to find we had zero electricity.

One time, after dark, we pulled into an empty campground. Empty of 2 leggeds but full of swarming hungry biting with attitude mosquitos.  Only 1 tree in the area so mom backed into the campsite farthest from the tree. It was going to be a quick overnight stop, so moms didn’t unload much. That was the only good thing that happened the rest of the night. Yes, the electric box was broken. Sadly the only outlet that worked was by the tree. Yup, you guessed it. That darn tree moved right into the camper. The electricity came along with a broken tail lamp & many squito bites.

You can imagine the state my poor Mama was in after this. Was it going to get better? Nope! Not by a long shot. As no one was in camp mom let me run. I came back so matted with stinky yuck that Mom’s blew a fuse. My Mama was a monster that horrible night. She stomped, swore & killed the nasty little biters at a furious rate. I still shudder when I remember the night from hell.

A few things changed after that night. 1. Mom tries to get to camp before dark. 2. She is an expert camper backer-upper. 3. I get tied to a tree until moms knows where all the fun yuck is. Number 4 is a bit wishy-washy. 4 was my mom would check the outlet before she even backed into the campsite. 98% of campsite’s electrical outlets work. After success, success, success mom got lazy & forgot to check.

All the above background is pertinent for the experience that happened 2 months ago. Yes, we are unloaded & set up for a week’s stay & no electricity. That would not have been a big issue except the high temperature that night was 42 degrees! Mom decided to gut it out instead of move.

The next morning Mr. fix-it guy was there an hour after moms reported the problem. This is what he brought!

When Mr. fix-it walked into camp Mom had a big grin on her face & said “Looks like you brought a gun to a knife fight.” 😂

Luv, Otis

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