A Dog Who Cat Sits

As far as I’m concerned, anything to do with a cat is fun. Mom’s friend Sherry asked Mom if she could cat-sit Lulu while Sherry was outa town. Of course, Mom said “yes,” & I said “YES!”

I know Mom was the one asked to watch the cat sit, but as everyone knows where Mom is, I am. I am her shadow, companion, buddy & I cry a lot if not included. So it is understood, we will be cat sitting.

It’s a good thing I’ll be along to help Mom. I mean, really, how many hours can one person watch a cat sit, or sit on a cat? I’m along to give Mom a break. Hee, hee … while I’m watching the “cat sit.” I don’t think there will be much sitting; I know for sure Lulu will not abide by my sitting on her; my poor butt will be scratched to smithereens.

 I do need to remember to keep my distance while we frolic. The last time I let the little hellion with tiny paws get a bit too close & there was blood splatter all over in the stairway. Yup, I’m 97 pounds bigger & it was my blood Mom had to wipe off the walls. That is just so wrong!

This cat, Lulu, pretends to be all sweet & cuddly, but I can see through her charade. She knows I know, so whenever she sees me or thinks she sees me, she heads for the hills. She is fast, especially as a tree climber, so I give her props for that.

I think Mom should play dress-up with Lulu. Like, make a dress out of duct tape. Mom can dress her & I’ll help her take the dress off. Is that weird, a dog taking a dress off a cat? Humm that might damage my he-man image. Also, that sounds kinda mean, so we won’t play the dress-up game.

We could play hide- n- seek. Lulu hides while I tear the house apart, looking for her. I can already hear Mom & Sherry yelling at me, so I’ll stop those thoughts & think of something else.

Maybe we could play in the lake. I could show Lulu how to pounce on a fish. Nope, I heard she’s a scaredy-cat & won’t go near the water. If Lulu didn’t ‘sit’ so much, I think she might have a more adventurous life.

The more I think of this cat-sitting business, the more I think it’s not fair. Lulu gets to sit on Mom’s lap for hours while I can’t even come in the house if Lulu’s home. Lulu gets pets & cuddles (sometimes whether she likes them or not) while I’m tied up laying on the cold concrete driveway, wishing my mom showed me more love than the cat.

I have seen pictures of dogs & cats snuggling & playing peacefully. I think they are photo-shopped. Any dog who doesn’t see a cat as an excellent plaything needs therapy. Some might say I play too rough with the little 5-pound purring fluff balls. I say practice makes perfect; give me a bunch of cats to play with & see if my enthusiasm quiets.

All this talk of cats & cat sitting is giving me a headache, so I’m going to chase a squirrel or two.

Luv, Otis

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