Love or Stalker

Our first camp spot at Gunter Hills was on a C-shaped corner. We had plenty of grass & trees between The Ivy and the road, but the road kinda wrapped around us. Everyone in the campground with a dog deeply felt this roadway was the best place in the world to exercise their leached pet.

The camper windows, plus the curved road, equal living in a fishbowl. The cuteness of Ivy catches the eye of the dog walkers as they pass, and the windows draw eyeballs right into our living space.

While Mom loves the sunshine that pours through those huge front and back windows, I use them to gaze with longing to be outside.

Mom closed the curtains at night but, due to fear of insanity, kept them open during the day. The outside gawkers and Mom did a good job ignoring each other.

We have never experienced such a parade of dogs. We even saw a tiny dog with his back legs attached to wheels running down the road. It was like a wheelchair for a dog.

The little ankle-biters yapped, yapped, yapped as they went by. The big dogs took one look at me and gravitated to the side of the road farthest away from me. Smart mutts!

(Mom has many more pictures of the parade of dogs; when the electronic malfunction lifts, she will post)

I felt it was my duty to announce a greeting to all who tottered on by the first couple of days. Mom’s refrain of, “Be quiet, they don’t want to play with you,” was making her voice hoarse and started to grate on my nerves.

Finally, I gave up and ignored all who walked by. Then I heard comments like “What a nice dog” from the walkers & Mom’s voice went back to its typical pitch. Humm, I wonder if there is anything I’m not successful at?

The fishbowl life had one fantastic upside. If you were looking for us we were easy to spot. Remember Bella from Foscue Creek campground, the little dog with the big scary teeth?

Well, Bella tracked me down. Even though Bella’s parents are on their way to South Carolina, she talked them into spending the night at Gunter Hills cuz Bella had a puppy dog’s intuition I’d be there.

Let me tell you, that girl is small in stature but has enormous attitude. Bella jumped outa her truck & immediately jumped onto my mom’s bed! Mom was startled, and I had no earthly clue what I was supposed to do. Protect My Mama’s pillow from unwanted hair? Make the invader skedaddle outa my house? As I was pondering I heard Bella yell,

“Hey, Otis, get in here!”

Bella took advantage of my momentary befuddlement,

By saying, “Hey, big boy, come show Mama how much y’all missed me.”

She’s a thinker and knew this perch would get her closest to my mussel for a little nussle.

I figured I needed to play hard-to-get until I could get my bearings, so I gave old Bella my famous stink-eye.

And she’s like, “What the heck? I ride all these miles begging mom and pop to stop, and this is the reception I get?”

At that point, Bella jumped outa the camper in a huff. I teased her into a run and chase game while the parents chatted.

During our run game, I began to feel bad. My Mama taught me how to behave around the ladies, and I was acting rude. Plus, I didn’t want word to get out that I was the kind of hound who ditched a sweet-thang after a good butt-smelling or kiss.

So, I charmed Bella into getting all situated on Mom’s bed again. As we went in for the mussel nussle, I raised my right paw, so Bella knew I was acting all sincere.

That did the trick. Bella happily hopped outa our home back into her truck. The smiling parents wished safe journeys on each other. I felt relief wash over me cuz I know we aren’t going anywhere near South Carolina.

I was soo exhausted after my Bella tussle I couldn’t even keep my tongue in my mouth.

After resting up, Mom took me into the woods to run while she meditated. I interrupted her reverie by running up to her, kinda whimpering. Mom couldn’t figure out what in the world was going on until she realized we weren’t the only ones sulking around in the forest.

The story is, I spied this beautiful Shepherd called Thenia walking through the woods. I knew I had to go ask Mom before I engaged her in play, so I ran up to Mom whimpering, “Please, Mom can I play with her, can I?”

My Mama had a hard time wrapping her head around me seeking permission before I invaded Thenia’s space. Let me tell you, I got m a j o r hounder points for that!!!

The adults chatted while Thenia and I played chase.

The next post is about no heat, a hammock, and “I really don’t understand how birds survive.”

Luv, Otis

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