Party on the Ferry with Characters!

My Mama had one of the best days ever. We awoke to a wonderfully sunny day. We both soaked up the rays; mom, meditating while I focused on the back of my eyelids. After that, we (I supervised moms work), methodically & with lots of loud rock’n’roll music broke camp.

As no one was around Mom wiggled butt to the music. It was so beautiful that I talked mom into 1 more walk to the water. She brought her music with so while I ran, rolled & swam moms did her little dance wiggles. Mom really needs to add those dance wiggles to her everyday life; they make her heart smile.

With a happily wet, tired & handsome dog plus a mama with a happy heart, we set off for Missouri. With great big smiles, we got in line to board the ferry. That’s when the fun began.

A quirky lady who is an ex-army dentist traveling cross country living out of her auto pulled up behind us. She looked so inviting that I, again, jumped outa the auto &, again, got severely scolded along with getting put back in the auto with windows up! Sometimes my Mama is No fun at all.

While quirky lady & mom were chatting up a storm a couple of guys from the core-of-engineers drove up. They wanted in on the fun so they stopped to chat. The driver thought it would be a good idea for my mama to drive the ferry. Of course, mom wholeheartedly agreed.

The ferry showed up; the core guys left while we boarded. Mom took pity on me & let me out to nose around while we motored across the water to Missouri.

A fellow passenger had a 6 mo. old puppy that he thought would like to play with me. Most of the time that doesn’t go well due to my size & exuberance. Let me tell you, this little gal was all over me! She chased me, jumped on me & wouldn’t take the hint that I wasn’t interested. My Mama thought my being annoyed was funny!

I thought it was funny when the ferry driver burst out laughing when Mom told him the core guy thought she could drive the boat.

We were all so engrossed in fun we had to do a fast scramble back to our autos when we hit the landing. I swear that thing came outta nowhere.

Our happy hearts were tinged with a bit of sadness as we entered Missouri to start the trek back to Minnesota.

Luv, Otis

PS: My mama got these blogs a bit outa sequence. As of today, we are back in Mn, but you will be getting blogs of our trip from Missouri to MN back to Nebraska & then back to MN. Whew!

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