An Exciting Friend

Mom and I slept well after watching the array of mixing colors as the sun slid into the dark.

I woke up thinking it would be a typical day in the land of sun, rocks, sand, and big salty water. I flopped down for my mid-morning nap, and outa the corner of my eye, I saw a rock move. I didn’t know if I was hallucinating or my cleaver mind was trying to trick me; either way, further exploration was necessary.

Relief: my head wasn’t wonky. I found this guy wiggling around in the dirt and rocks. Mom said it was a Land Crab and that I should be careful; not to get close cuz he might clamp those sharp pinchers right onto my snout. My Mama saw me roll my eyes, so she followed with, “Do you think wearing a crab nose ring will enhance or detract from your persona?” And “If those pinchers get stuck in you, you are on your own cuz I’m not touching it.” Ya, My Mama knows to show the love!

All I could think about was how exciting it was to find a playmate nestled in the rocks in my lounging area. My mind was all a buzz, thinking of all the possibilities. I figured if we hit it off, he might travel with us. Mom wouldn’t care as he’s small enough to keep in her pocket.

If he needs to be warm, I could keep him under my tail. I’ve heard of people with crabs, and they carry them in the warmest area of their body.

I had to sniff my new friend to see what kinda games we might play. Maybe the game of Chomp, that’s where I bite and eat. That’s a pretty short game, so perhaps we try Chase, where he tries to scramble away all the while knowing it’s a fruitless endeavor. Or Bark & Grab might be fun. Bark & Grab is when I get my nose down into his personal space. Landy (The Land Crab) strikes out at my nose with the speed of light; my head whiplashes back, followed by much jumping around and barking.

The Bark & Grab game was the winner, and we played for a long time. Finally, Mom told me to hush, and she told Landy to get under a rock. When Mom got distracted, I tried to reconnect with Landy, but could not find the crusty little guy.

My morning fun was over. Sometimes Mom is a spoilsport.

Mom noticed I was sad after my friend ditched me, so she took me to the beach, where I had to stand under a tree for a picture. I don’t think My Mama has a good grasp of what cheering -up is all about.

She let me run around, in and outa the water, but I was still sad.

I wish Greg were here. He’d fix me up with some treats that need to be refrigerated, ya know, the good kind, and all would be well in my world once again.

As the sun said,” Good Night,” I contemplated my life. Some days are good, some days not so much. All in all, my life as a traveling mutt with a goofy Mom isn’t too bad.

Luv Otis

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