The 3 Amigo’s

As my 2-legged Uncle was packing up to head home 3 ladies on bicycles moved into his vacated campsite. They had petite yet strong bodies, tiny tents, stoves & everything else small cuz they carried it all on their bikes & guess what? The only power for those bikes comes from their legs! No, peddle asset batteries for them.

Moms was impressed that they were riding approx. 60 miles a day for Habitat For Humanity. Like every day for 5 or so days. My Mama’s eyes rounded in appreciation when thinking about that. They also enjoy hiking & kayaking. When they asked Mom if she had any “cold ones” they could buy from her My Mama knew she found kindred spirits.

I also had a strong liking for them cuz they were dog people. They hail from Ely Minnesota. Ely is bigtime dog country as it’s Will Steager & Paul Schurke’s home base. Will & Paul spearheaded the North to the Pole Expedition. Amazing sled dogs provided the go power, while a determined human spirit kept the explores going. Mom says “determined” is not a big enough word to describe the explores valent efforts. I say, “I’m a dog, give me a break”. The expedition happened while Moms was a college kid in Oregon; she remembers being excited & reading all the hype about the trip.

Being in their 70’s these amazing women have lots of wisdom. Thankfully they told Moms I could run more than she thought was safe. So now instead of running super fast for a few miles, we go out for many more miles at a slower pace. I wish they had reminded Mom to bring water along for me. That 1st day I had a terrible thirst. When we got back it felt like I drank ½ the lake.

The 3 Amigos joined us around the fire that night. Mom enjoyed the visit & hopes to be just like them when she grows up. We both are looking forward to visiting them in Ely sometime this year.

I didn’t think of picture time until after their early morning departure, so the picture is of my screened-in kennel. Quite spacious unless it is raining then it becomes kennel plus garage for Mom’s table, chairs & bike; basically, anything she doesn’t want to get wet. Mom puts down the waterproof sides to keep me & everything else dry.

Enjoy the day,

Luv, Otis

Home Sweet Home!

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