Surprise, Surprise, Surprise & I’m in Total Heaven

Ok, here is the real scoop. Monday was the birthday of the tall 2-legged son of our mom. She wanted to surprise him, so we drove & drove & drove right back into the frozen tundra that we left seemingly not long ago. Yes, just as it was finally warming up in Texas, we had to drive for 3 days back into the brrr cold of Minnesota. I think sending Harrison a rope & chew toy for his birthday would have been just fine, but who asked me?

Normally, Mom eats up road miles like a professional. The 20-hour drive is relatively short until all the time I require to stretch, run, eat & poop is added. Me, low maintenance? Nope! I do have a huge advantage as I’m cute & can bite heads off as necessary. This time we meandered back; spent 3 nights in hotels. Why? I do not know. Mom hates hotels. Let me tell you she is not an easy person to understand. Me, on the other hand, loved the hotels; so many wonderful smells. Especially on the bedcovering. Are your toes curling with disgust? Moms did as she keyed in those words. The hotel is way better than all day sitting on my butt trying not to pant in the back of the auto. I think it will be a long fast drive back to Texas. Maybe Mom can medicate me. I hear Benadryl is nice.

Soooo, the surprise worked; mom said everyone was happy. I of course was left in the auto to entertain myself.

When I realized our final destination was Joe & Sherry’s I started to quiver with excitement; turning around & around, jumping ½ way into the front seat with sorta quiet cries of dog speak rising right outa me. Of course, I can’t help it. Dogs aren’t known for impulse control. No matter how much mom tells me to sit. She really should save her breath….Opps I just got a dirty look; I might be paying for that last statement in a not pleasant way. Anyway, we finally get to the house where I can run. I’m so happy I just, run, run, run, I can tear it up like lightning.  I’m not supposed to chase the crazy cat that one time tried to take me out. Crazy she is because I’m a hundred times bigger, yet she tried to take me out.  The altercation ended with my spilled blood, not hers. It wouldn’t have been right for me to take advantage of one so small right? I’m a smart dog so If I can sneak a little chase in I do but from a distance. That demon cat has a dog sister. She is older than me & is a hunting dog so therefore she is no fun. She brings the manly man dead things otherwise I don’t think she could live here.

Stay tuned for more Mn adventures,

Luv, Otis

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