The stink is on!


Today started out as one of the best days then, sadly turned into a “this sucks” day.

This early afternoon I am joyously running down the sun-drenched road; not a care in the world & the road looks like it goes on forever. Stinky stuff, I mean really odiferous, all over the place. I’m a dog & what’s a dog gonna do when that glorious rank icky stuff is just begging to be rolled in? I’m a hot-blooded male so I dive in head 1st & roll in as much goop as I can. Wait. Somethings not right, how come I’m not getting screamed at to stop. Momma hates the stink, yet I’ve been allowed to roll. Humm, as I am a smart dog, I am certainly not going to question the fortunes of this magnifico day. Well now, let’s see what else I can find.

Oh darn -it, this time I got busted, but not before I had my way with a bag of stench. Yippee, what next?

Noxious, a beautiful pile of noxious.  This is better than Christmas! Crap busted again. Thankfully, Mom’s not on her game today. She’s only catching the tail-end of my fetid romps. Oh shoot, a car coming, now I have-ta get into her auto…. And that ladies & gents is when the screaming started!

Apparently, mom was listening to a good book while keeping a keen eye out for traffic. With her ears & eyes busy she lost track of my shenanigans. The way she was screaming & yelling you’d have thought something really horrible had happened. Is it my problem we don’t have any water?  Anyway, my glorious day did a quick fade into “this sucks.” Too bad the woman does not understand that how she feels right now is exactly how I feel when she uses all the super yucky aromatherapy. That stuff stinks to high heaven.

Mom found some unfrozen pet wipes that she vigorously & without any hint of gentleness used to try to get the stink out of my fur. She appeared somewhat mollified until I immediately dove head 1st into a pile of dirt. I was a sorta clean dog for less than a second. Yes, the screaming started all over again. This woman has a good set a lungs. This time I misjudged & ended up with an eye full of dirt. She gently tended my eye, so I guess she still loves me a little bit. Right now, I feel soooo sad. I know deep in my soul I will never see that amazing section of road again.

Did she or didn’t she let her faithful, still a bit stinky companion sleep in the camper this 30 degreed night? Stay tuned…

Luv, Otis

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